Thursday, May 17, 2007


Vive les différences

We are coming home from tennis, and the conversation turns to what we'll do when we get home.

Me? Yeah, well, I'll check my email.. and read a few blogs, and... that'll probably get me through to when the kids get home. (Heck, I've just played four sets of tennis! Even if they weren't particularly high powered. (We won! I won 3 sets - don't know how - the ones I won we won easily.. then the wheels fell off, I played crap, and we lost 6-1.) I'll have a coffee and a sit down, and....

The friend? She was going to do the ironing!

Can you spot the difference?

So then we got to talking (AGAIN! - why do I do it to myself?) about ironing, and cleaning in general. I don't think I will ever find the bottom of the ironing pile. I swore it was genetic; my mum always had a never-ending ironing pile. And at 44, I figure I'm unlikely to change now. She said she had vowed not to have an ironing pile like her mother. So there goes the 'endogenous' excuse.

There is no doubt she multi-tasks better than me. She will talk on the phone and do the ironing at the same time. Or wash up, or whatever. I don't like getting a cricked neck, so I don't choose to do that... and, while I prefer email and the internet, I've yet to figure out how to iron and blog at the same time!

<-- <-- Perhaps I should look into taking up Extreme Ironing!

We then talked about storage and general organisation. She said she wasn't really a cleaning freak, like I seemed to think she was. (Just every time I talk to her she has done, is doing, or is about to do, some domestic chore!)

So I guess if she's middle of the spectrum, that puts me way down one end. Which I knew. And while I'd like to slide back up the scale just a leetle bit, I don't know that there's a lot of hope. So my house is a mess, and not that clean, but the kids don't have allergies or illnesses, they're smart, they do well at school and they go out in clean, ironed clothes - I do iron but I tend to do it as needed. They are fit, healthy, good at sport.... even if it is sometimes hard to spot the floor of their bedrooms.

And I know what a blog is! And I wouldn't 'know' all you wonderful people out there if I came home from [*insert activity of the day*] and didn't have some 'downtime' while feeding my intellect (and soul) by reading and discovering all these wonderful blogs from all around the world.

So even if I'm way down that other end of the domestic spectrum, it doesn't mean I'm hopeless, does it? I'm just... different.

Vive les différences!!

[Perhaps as a concession I could now get up, walk over to the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, wash up the 'extra' stuff from last night, and come up with some inspiration as to what to pick up for dinner!]

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That's better, T.
Trace, you are singing my song! Who on earth wants to clean and iron when you can sit and chat with friends!? LIfe becomes one big groundhog day otherwise...a never ending cycle of cleaning! Eeeeek! I think I'm breaking out in hives just at the thought! ;)
Better? MM???

Always happy to find someone else who sings the same song brissiemum! Especially when it's THAT particular song!
Certainly, better. I adore the extreme ironing photo... I know that I've told you my mother's proverb before, after yesterday's post I'll remind you again. 'The tidyness of a woman's house is inversely proportional to her intelligence.' That goes for ironing too, perhaps this is the sort of maths you should be teaching your daughters.
Oh I have just had to throw out the iron I took to boarding school which was in the early 1980s (nearly typed 1890s - oops) - I am afraid the poor dear never got used properly!!

My mother's ironing basket never got emptied - she had tea towels and handkerchiefs in there! I have done away with "the Magic Ironing Basket" - if the monster is never invited in...
I detest ironing and tend not to buy clothign that requires ironing, in our house we ahve a policy, you wear it - you iron it.
What is it abotu extreme ironing sports? I cousin is a scuba diver and one of the things he does with it is "underwater ironing" I think that is a little weird.

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