Monday, May 28, 2007


If I get the blog post out of the way...

.. I can then focus mine energies on attacking the house. That's the plan anyway, although I will probably arrive back here moaning and wringing my hands and complaining that I don't know where to start on this diabolical mess.

I wonder if I have a problem.

Wonder?! I know I have a problem with this computer addiction thing. Once it was a bulletin board. Now it's blogs and blogging. Probably if it wasn't that it'd be something else.. but ... seriously... the amount of time I spend on here is really over the top. And the house has never been so bad.

So I need to approach today with some discipline. A good starting point for how I mean to continue. Sounds like a plan doesn't it?

I have also checked the tide times, and late morning will be an ideal time to walk up the beach. I haven't done any of my walking for a while. I think it's time to get that back on the agenda, at least one day a week. I'm doing fair bit of exercise I know. Relatively speaking. But it's not every day - and those couple of Days of Sloth per week are not helping me work off what I put in my mouth! And as I am loathe to give up everything yummy and 'medicinal' (read: glass of wine or two), then I have no choice but to *up* the kilojoule burning activity - on a daily basis. (While the weights class helps tone, it doesn't really burn calories... even if it gets the endorphins dancing a bit). I am also a bad, bad girl because I just somehow don't seem to get around to doing my 'homework'.. push ups, abs... even lunges... I could double my improvement rate if I just disciplined myself a little bit more.

Maybe just after one more coffee....?!

Ed: 5 mins later: It's raining! So much for the walking. No.. I don't feel like getting wet when it's "only" 18 degrees. Guess I'll have to work up a sweat with the cleaning. Though as I type the sun is shining through. Think it's going to be one of those sort of days!

Well, that's one way to make the weather clear up. After a few showers of rain decide you should take the risk on the weather; stride purposefully out of the house wearing tracksuit pants and a bike rainjacket, which you have to remove and tie round your waist within 100m of home. No sunglasses, no hat. It's guaranteed to turn sunny and warm enough that you wished you'd gone in shorts and a sleeveless top AND of course the sunnies.

At least I walked, even if I'm drawn back to the computer like a moth to a flame. I've sorted clothes, cleaned the iron plate, and ironed a few teatowels. And that's about it. Not much in the way of achievement is it... I suppose I have another hour till the kids get home and the taxi run starts.

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I have only one thing to whisper in your ear.


Make sure you give yourself "computer breaks" along the way - but things get done better.
You mean like the shopping list I wrote for this afternoon, then forgot to take? I remembered everything on it but the chives.

Made a bit of headway - randomly. I actually got on the phone and made long overdue dentist appointments for the girls for the second week of the holidays. It wasn't that hard to do, but it had been on the list for quite some time.

I ironed the kids' uniforms for tomorrow! And a shirt of Marc's! This is huuuge!

I've cleared junk off the kitchen bench. AGAIN. I changed the tablecloth. Caught up with the washing up.

And still spent way too much time on here... but anyway.. chipping away at it.... It at least looks like I have done something today, even if there is so much more to be done.
I never thought I had an addictive personality until I started blogging. Now I have to get my daily fix.
Oh I so get the 'need to walk'. Walking has dropped of my list it is raining everynight when I leave work and around 8-9 degrees..........walking ??? Ummm NOT!!!!

As for the house, sad but true a list is the only way, 30mins on the computer 30mins on the list.
Oh, Tracey. You have a portrait of me on your web site!
Libby! LOL. Could say it was me, only that my one redeeming feature is that I dress before I come to breakfast - only a factor of the three storey house syndrome, I can assure you!

One of the pitfalls of Tassie, Trudi! Just that bit cooler than where I am, for sure. Still, our North American associates would be calling 8-9 degrees balmy!! Should talk to one of my blog associates, 'strauss' at The Brave, who has been doing Nordic walking in Canada. (Don't know about the rain bit though...)

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