Friday, May 25, 2007


Not going to set the world on fire today.

This is just bloody annoying. Niggly, niggly things... like the fact that my neck is sore when I turn to the right. It was like that the other night, but after a night's sleep it was ok. This time it worked the other way.. it was ok last night, but then it was hassling me during the night. I don't know if it's muscular, or glands, or what.

And my knees! Suddenly I have knee problems. I've never had knee problems! But this week, every day a different knee is playing up - on and off. Yes, I only have two, but they are taking it in turns to share the love. Last couple of nights one or the other has suddenly decided to start hurting around dinner time - yep, just like a recalcitrant toddler who didn't have her daytime nap. Last few days, ok by morning. Weights on Wednesday: no problem. Tennis yesterday: no problem. Last night, stood up from the computer around 8.30, and whammo, left knee twingeing, right knee really hurting. Finally limped up to bed thinking 'enough already, I'll take you to bed so you can rest and be ok in the morning'. Today however my right knee is still very 'iffy' which is most inconvenient.

Just a couple of annoyances like this are quite enough to tip me into grumble mode - because it doesn't take much for me to wilt. I had grand plans to ride my bike up today to watch the two younger girls run in the District Cross Country. At this stage I'm not sure if I'll even manage my swimming class at 5.30. (Not liking the idea of turning to breathe on the right.. and I don't think the warm up with the fins is going to be really pleasant. I also certainly don't feel like running a vacuum cleaner around the house - and yes, it still needs doing.. or needs doing again.. whatever.. it's never done.

My very attentive (not) husband: So will you be able to ride in the morning?"

Me: I don't f***ing know do I? I hope so.

We are planning on riding the tandem again in the community ride tomorrow morning. There's going to be a photographer on the route to take photos for promotional purposes and we're so vain we'd like to promote riding tandems! (And maybe even manage to get hold of a photo of us riding our tandem because we have none so far.)

Fortunately I already have dinner covered tonight - container of frozen spag bol leftovers is already out defrosting. Last night (as I usually manage to do) I did solve the meal dilemma. Go me! I picked up a 1.2 kg piece of roasting beef (which was on special), slathered it with sundried tomato pesto and chucked it in the oven. Chopped some white (purple?) and orange kumara/sweet potato and potato, sprayed with oil, and chucked that in the oven too. Voila. Baked dinner. Some green beans on the side. Just like that. Don't know what I'm whingeing about. I enjoyed it, even if noone else commented! Who needs to plan ahead?

On top of the neck and the knee, I have this humungous zit on my face, between my eyebrows (but more to the right). That annoying pimple pressure. Yes. (And I have squeezed it a few times, ewwww, which I know I should not, but one can't help but try to get rid of that ghastly white head..) Very attractive. Not. I'll be keeping my sunglasses on up at the cross country.

I might also pay a visit to the chemist to stock up on drugs like Voltaren. (I've just taken some painkillers and they are kicking in with the neck at any rate.) And I might even go the glucosamine route as well. What the hell. Friend with dodgy knees swears by it, reckons it has made a heap of difference for her. What with the evening primrose oil that I'm supposedly taking each day, and then that, I'll feel like I'm rattling. While I tackle a certain amount of scepticism of the efficacy or benefit of either.

So, anyway, I'll ditch the bike riding idea, and just get through today, perhaps with a flying trip into town after the cross country to pick up a couple more things for Eldest's birthday.. even though I had already decided to go with the suggestion made by another experienced mum who has been there done that with teenagers (shhhh, daughter might read this! - fill you in tomorrow.)

I'll work on 'setting the world on fire' tomorrow.

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So the old bod is giving out on you is it? My once dewey skin has now decided that since I am past 40 it's time to start looking 60. I've got this rashy leathery skin on my cheeks that glows especially red when I am stressed or have been enjoying spicy foods with a glass of wine...


And my knees! What is it with my knees that they have to join in with, oh we're not happy either...? They're all popping and painfull for no real reason. It's not like I can say I was an athlete or anything *cough* and no heroic injuries's just that they like to grumble and remind me that I'm not 21 anymore.
Oy I can hear you creaking, girl. Know the knee thing - pain in the... well, knees really.

V has dodgy knees and swears by the nightly glucosamine and fish oil routine - says it takes a few weeks to work but noticeable.

My father extols the virtue of a certain horse liniment (not sure of the legalities of recommending such for humans so won't give out the name in full view). If you have friends with horses get them to get some for you on the sly.
I have come to the conclusion that OLD BODIES SUCK!

DOdgy knees, errant hip, crunchy shoulders, shaky hands, and eyes that squint like Mr Magoo. They've even told me my eyes are so bad Lasik would only lessesn the issue, I'd still have to wear glasses.

I'm all for chucking this feeble shell and replacing it with something covered in feathers.

In the mean time- your roast sounds yummy! The whole meal sounds yummy! Good for you *~~*~*
Can't wait til you all hit 60.

*exit laughing*
Hello. I found your link on another person's blog and came over because of your name. My name is Tracy, too. You're in Australia, huh? Very cool! :)

Medical problems are the worst. I'm reminded every morning of how I'm getting older. :p I've had knees problems for years. Try taking a hot bath and a pain reliever such as Aleve or Tylenol advanced. That usually takes care of it for me.

As for the pimples - this was another problem I dealt with, but I had really severe acne. The OTC stuff never helped much. I asked my doctor for something stronger and my face is all cleared up now. It's really worth it if this is a big problem for you.

I'd love to see a pic of the tandem bike. Are they common there? I don't even know where we could buy something so cool here :)
Hey Tee for Tracy. Thanks for dropping in. Well, actually, tandems are relatively uncommon in Australia, and really BIGTIME in the US. We are quite envious! Our road tandem is a Santana, and the triplet is a Co-Motion, both made in the US. If you check out my family bikeriding blog (down the sidebar) you'll see some photos of our other tandems - we haven't got one of us riding our road tandem yet - maybe when the photos from this morning become available there will be!!

Stop laughing E. The rest of us seem to be in that early phase of "middle age" where the realisation that we aren't as young as we used to be slowly creeps up (and grabs you).
My right knee (old injury from my twenties) hurts five minutes after every jog/tennis game/ballet class I do.
It doesn't hurt during though, so I just carry on.
The only alternative is moving up a size, which I'm not prepared to do.
Neither am I willing to eat like Liz Hurley.

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