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Meet my new bike. It's called the Dolce, which, of course, is Italian for 'sweet'.

I'm calling it an investment in my fitness future. More opportunity to get out and ride a long way!! It is bottom of the range! - entry level road bike - but it has some nice features for the money, which I won't bore anyone with. I am very happy that it feels good to ride, because I have to admit I was a bit worried about how I would go on a road bike, with the drops and all that. The women's specific frame feels good.

I picked it up from the bike shop in Port Macquarie, a few hours away, as I was going there today anyway for my gyno appointment. And the guy in that shop offered to get it in for me, while my local bike shop didn't. A 'friend' was having a chuckle at me when I said I was also probably going to buy a bike while I was there. She reckoned most women would be using the opportunity to go clothes shopping or something, while Tracey (she's so quaint!) goes to a bike shop.

Hell yeah. That's me. (I also bet most women's husbands wouldn't be encouraging them to go and spend more than a grand on clothes!!)

So I have arrived home safely with it, but it is raining, plus I'm not sure how to get the front wheel back on (the brake calipers are in the way)! Lucky my personal bike mechanic and cycling coach will be home again tomorrow.

When someone asks what we are doing for mother's day on Sunday, if they know anything about me, they shouldn't be surprised when I say "going for a ride on our new bikes!"

I am actually feeling a bit 'blah' because I've done nothing of note exercise-wise for 2 days now... and I've sat on my bum in a car for about 5 hours today. (And eaten crisps and drunk coke to keep myself awake.) I have fallen off the wagon a bit lately, mostly in terms of what I am eating. Curse the fundraising chocolates #1 had for netball. Between her and me we have systematically demolished pretty much the whole box. (They were Cadbury.... *sighs*)

However, I've been reinspired by The Brave! (We are a Mutual Inspiration Society!).. and I'm so proud of her! Go Curves! Go Strauss!

Her self admonishment about the chocolate chip cookies, combined with my post yesterday about chocolate vs kissing has also given me a good idea. While chocolate may give a "better" rush than kissing, it is quite possible that kissing... "snogging!"... could do as a reasonable substitute for succumbing to chocolate. Much like a nicotine patch.

So I have a proposition for the Bike Mechanic. Because I'm sure he wants to help me beat my chocolate addiction. So I might lose some more weight. And inches. And so I'll be fitter on the bike. And...

And...? Yes... On Yer Bike, Trace....

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Very fetching Tracey. After yesterday's post I was expecting a chocolate coloured bike called baci.
mmm...snogging vs. chocolate. How's one supposed to choose when one's in the midst of PMS?

Nice bike, tho! I know how fun it is to get a new toy. I'm that way with cameras.
Yep, that's a very big drawback, rootie. Many hours in a day with no other option but chocolate.

We really need to get a new camera too, actually. Bit of a dilemma, not sure what to get.
Nice. *grin* Do you need to give it instructions in Italian to make it go forward?
Cool bike, sounds like you have the perfect mother's day planned.
I succumbed to teh chocolate today, so don't feel bad, but intentionally didn't buy any cookies this week.
Wow - very sweet indeed.

Of course, looking through my brochures today, I saw that you could buy 30 Ferrero Rocher's for $10 - so you could have 3000 FR's for that - or almost a year's supply.

I find the best combination is chocolate AND kissing - but not while on the bike.

BTW - my word verification today is gysexk!
Yeah, E, I have to call "Vada!" but in an Italo/American accent.

jeanie - calculate it for me in Cadbury dairy milk! The Ferrero Rocher doesn't get a look in with me!

But then of course you'd have to factor in the guilt...

Hmmm.. .I think I like my bike. Of course you could eat chocolate while you are riding.. though it's probably easier to do so on the back of a tandem. And while a tandem brings you closer, you can't kiss either!

(Heh... reminds me... when I told someone at netball one Saturday that we'd ridden 80km that morning already, on the tandem, she sort of shuddered at the thought, but then asked 'So does it improve your sex life?'

I didn't and won't answer that!)
Well Trace, given the deal V found on Cadbury over the weekend - 400g for $4.50 - it is a whole lotta guilt!

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