Monday, May 07, 2007


making it up as you go along...

Some days are like that. No major dramas, but just the little changes along the way that make life interesting.

I woke up with a headache, and again cursed my uncurbed inclinations to imbibe of a wine and/or a beer most nights. (ie. every night unless I have a headache that I blame on the imbibing of alcohol!) I really didn't need that second glass of red wine on top of having had a lite beer - depite the fact that the cost factor of the 'red' involved should have meant that it kept me above the headache threshold. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's a lot more than I used to be able to drink! Such an achievement! I wish I could just give it all up. I'd probably drop 10 kilos just like *that* as well as lessening my chances of headaches.

I got a phone call to say that one of the netball girls we car pool with this afternoon hurt her knee at the end of the carnival yesterday, and so won't be going. Her dad normally brings Cait home from town at 6.30, which leaves me free (after taking everyone in for 4.30) to get dinner ready and then pick up Alison from her training. Cue change of logistics for this afternoon - something that isn't the easiest thing to do with a headache, but I resigned myself to 'hanging' in town for 2 hours doing the shopping with Zoe. Lucky she is good company, even in the shops, and not a complainer. She doesn't mind her one on one Mum and Zoe time - and the chance to push the trolley without any competition for the 'right' to do so.

Marc came with me before work to the local bike shop for me to suss out one type of women's road bike. Not the one we think we want for me, but another brand. I rode it up the street and back. It will serve as a comparison when I check out the one in Port. Our local shop didn't offer to get in this other brand... so will miss out on a sale, most likely. I did discover, at least, that I think I will be fine riding a road bike. (I was concerned!) The 'drops' on the women's frame aren't as low as a standard frame, so it makes you feel like you could 'drop' on to them easily.

He dropped me off near the bridge over the highway. I've taken this short cut before. Walk up from highway road level to the level of the overpass, and gain access through a gap in the fencing. From there where it should have been a quick (barely) 1km walk home. However some official in their wisdom has put a padlock on the gate - so there was no getting through anymore. There was barbed wire along the top of the fence; one section there wasn't, it was maybe 15 ft height, and it was probably climbable, except I didn't feel up to making a potential spectacle of myself. Funny how despite all my "activity", sometimes I feel my age (and gender!).

From what I could see, the same applied to the other side of the highway, and the other side of the bridge. My only choice was to walk back up the highway about a kilometre, and then take the big loop around and back over the said overpass. Just 5km unplanned walking exercise - in itself not a big deal (probably 'ideal' given that I probably wouldn't have got round to doing any exercise today) except that I had no hat and no water, but the vestiges of the headache still hanging in there. Needless to say I didn't feel like throwing myself around the house in any sort of domestic cleaning frenzy once I got home. Oh, and as I walked over said bridge? Turned out the gate diagonally opposite the route I attempted had been vandalised, and so I could have crossed the road, walked down a few hundred metres, then back up a track through some bush and shrubs, and straight up onto the bridge. Gotta hate that.

I got some washing done, though even that didn't go smoothly. Not the dreaded tissue in the wash, but soggy bits of cardboard (from Zoe's speech cards) give the same result! Doh! Why do I forget to check pockets? (And 'no more speech cards' - hope she doesn't need them anymore.)

And when Zoe and I were doing the supermarket shopping this evening the shopping centre had a power failure! No biggie as the supermarket kicked in the back up generator, with minimum lighting and the cash registers working, but with no lights in the meat and deli displays, I gave up on the browsing for meal ideas, headed out in case it was a locality blackout, meaning the netball training would have no lights, but no such luck - it was obviously a plaza specialty.

The 'no more overseas work' has lasted until this week. I knew it couldn't be that simple when it involved an ongoing multi-million dollar project and the whims of Malaysian departments and officials, and people who basically aren't sensible. Some government department is demanding explanations of how this and that will work, and it comes down to Marc being the only one frm the company who understands it all and is able to explain it. Much angst. Much much angst, actually, and not just from me. He is going tomorrow, back Friday - it is a compromise. As long as he has the angst, and we are talking, it is ok.

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hang in there Trace
Definitely not trivial Tracey. Hard call, but angst and talking are definitely good signs (hugs).

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