Saturday, June 02, 2007


And just for something completely different...

We got up early again! *Pinches self*.. yep.. this is me, and this is not any sort of weird dream. This is me getting up at 5 am to go riding two mornings in a row. Crazy.

We went on the usual Saturday Community ride again, this time kitted out in our new bike gear (the vest was great!) - matching of course, as any half-serious self-respecting tandem team does! (Pity I don't have any photos to show you how cute we look :p) It was only 7 degrees (C) when we started riding at 6.30! Brrr! Bit brisk! The new arm warmers worked ok; with it only climbing to 12 degrees by the time we finished, we didn't reach the point of needing to strip them off (which is the point of having them, rather than wearing any other variety of warmth. - if you are really clever you can take them off while you are riding, and stuff them in the back pockets of your cycling jersey - it's amazing what you can fit in those pockets!) Marc had left the tandem at his office overnight, so we picked it up there, rode that again, and chalked up around 40km overall (by the time we rode to and from his office).. and afterwards enjoyed a very pleasant coffee and brekkie in an outdoor cafe talking bikes and the like with other riders.

This morning my desire to stay longer was quite overwhelming... and I was feeling quite resentful that we had to hurry home so as to get the girls to netball, and for me to drag myself up there after a shower, so that I could spend five whole hours of my day in the clubhouse/canteen. I've become very grumpy about it lately (not that you'd have noticed.. HAH!)... and I'm counting down the weeks till a) their rep commitments finish, and b) the whole bloody netball season finishes. I am tossing up how I could possibly get out of being Secretary anymore after this year, because I'm really just quite over the obligation I feel over it. That isn't very community spirited of me, but there you go. I am feeling the need for a "Me" year (selfish, non?) and the netball committee 'stuff' just isn't doing it for me.

What is? Bike riding of course. How ever did you guess?

Tomorrow the older girls have a rep netball carnival in Kempsey (around 1.5 hours away) - and have to be ready to leave at 6am - for lifts (and for Caitin to get into town to a team bus.) I guess that means another 5 am wake up. Can you tell I'm feeling uber-enthused about that?! (Particularly as it's not actually going to benefit me, me, me in any way!!) Neither of them are travelling with us to the carnival, which leaves me feeling very tempted not to go - I have to drive more than half that distance, in the same direction, on Monday for the two youngest to attend a schools Zone cross country event... and then drive beyond there on Thursday for another gyno appointment. But I guess we will. Marc can drive. And the parenting conscience thing will see to it... and at least this time we won't have any canteen duty commitments.

Next weekend is a long weekend (public holiday Monday) so NO NETBALL ON SATURDAY, HOORAY! Wonder how we'll go convincing the girls to get up and ride with us on the Community Ride? Only downside of that is that it costs a fortune to feed them breakfast at the cafe afterwards. Maybe the two of us should just go and enjoy, just for once, NOT having to rush back for netball. Oi.

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Just say no!
I refused to take on any jobs when S. played sports other than to take my turn providing the after game treats. I felt no guilt.

So do you get to see the sunrise on your rides? I still think the alarm going off at 7:30 so I can make my exercise class is too early *grin* so I am full of admiration at your dedication.
Wave hello to my folks as you pass through town!
E, yesterday as we were riding Marc did say "Hurry up sun and come up so we can warm up a bit." I think currently sunrise is about 6.30, and where we start you can't see the horizon (which would be over the ocean!)

MM - I do think of your folks every time I drive along those floodplains, and I think "That's the turn off to K's parents' place!"

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