Sunday, June 03, 2007


Ctrl Z

Just undid all our bike riding exercise virtues by eating a truckload of rubbish the rest of the weekend. I blame the netball of course. Canteen stuff. Sausage roll. Steak sandwich. Cans of soft drink. A huge piece of cake. Packet of chips. And top it all off with 5 pieces of pizza for dinner because I couldn't be bothered cooking anything after expending all that energy sitting in a car and watching netball.

Suppose I just have to hit CTRL Z again, and try and get it right this week with more kilojoules burned than imbibed.

And I suppose I had better acknowledge the concept of having CTRL Z shortcut keys for everyday life. Take it away, Chaser guys:

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Wow. Another lesson. I am finally using the X C AND V keys...who knew there were more.

Very funny. We could use one for the government over here as well.
Another handy thing that could be added to life is, if you finally break through and find out something that works, just keep hitting F4!

Ahh - if only canteens and tuckshops offered things that included fruit or vegetable options, the world would be a better place for guilt-laden mothers of the world...
I love Chaser, anything or anyone is fair game. It's a pity that most Australian politicians now recognize them and play along, it was more fun when they reacted with shock and horror.
If only we could ctrl+alt+delete them too.

That was brilliant. Was cracking up the other night watching it.
Ha ha, The Chaser are great!
But who was that guy with the cartoon characterishly deep voice - he was HILLARIOUS.

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