Saturday, June 09, 2007


I think I can, I think I can

I think I can keep up with "everyone" on a single bike, but the sad reality is that I'm a slow coach - relatively speaking I guess, because I am trying to ride in a particular level at the Community Ride (because I know that with the next level down I am more than fast enough on a mountain bike!)

So now you know why we ride a tandem... HE doesn't have to keep waiting for me, 'cos I'm right there behind him, and I can't fall behind. (And as for when I captain the bike with the daughter? I am starting to wonder what percentage of effort I am actually worth! Why does the term "weakest link" keep popping up in my head?)

We took the 'half bikes' in for our favourite 6.30 am ride again today - partly for a change, partly because of his hamstring. [How frustrating is it that he still rides THAT much faster than me, even with a dodgy hammy!]

Hills! Inclines! My weakspot. Nothing major in the 30 km route we take, but start going up and my pace just doesn't seem to cut it; I'm sort of keeping up with the pack as we start going up, then I fall off the pace at the crest, and everybody zooms off, leaving me to play catch up.. which is harder going than riding with the pack, so you get more tired, and it's a vicious cycle. (no pun intended.)

As an excuse (rather than a whine) my legs were already sore after doing my weights class yesterday (catch up from missing it on Wednesday). So they weren't exactly impressed with me this morning. Probably accounted for a small percentage of the slowness. That on top of having done absolutely zilch exercise between then and last Saturday's community ride... well, not my best fitness week that's for sure - and so the body is certainly letting me know about it.

And this morning was CHILLY. (For here anyway... I'll rate 7 degrees C as cool weather for cycling (45F) even though I know serious cyclists in colder climes cycle in far worse!) Also cool weather sitting in an outdoor cafe when it has barely scratched 9 degrees! That was a bit of a shame because today (thanks to the long weekend) we didn't have to race home for netball and, dammit, it was too cold to kick back and have a second cup of coffee!

So, I am currently doing battle in my head over wanting to work at it so I can keep up the pace versus wondering just how much of it is 'recreation' when I feel like crying each time I fall behind on the hills. Best approach I guess is not to get too het up about it, and just keep chipping away at the daily exercise. My fitness has improved this year, and it can only get better... and hell... I'm not doing too bad. For an almost 45 year old me.

So, yep, this is a long weekend, with NO NETBALL!!!, and so I have pencilled in a BIG luxurious sleep in tomorrow. And maybe even on Monday as well. All in honour of the Queen's Birthday (which isn't.) Who cares, I'll enjoy a 'day off' (even if theoretically every day is a day off for me.) Maybe spend some more time on a bike of some description. And maybe some time on a domestic project of note.

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If you stop beating yourself up for a few minutes, you will see all of us in awe of you.

Getting out of bed at the crack of dawn in freezing weather to fulfil your desire to cycle 30km is truly awesome!!

Have a great weekend, and take a holiday from beating yourself up - you are amazing, inspirational and have a great love within your family - enjoy that!

And if that demon wants to come back on Tuesday to beat you up again, ask yourself if you really want to spend your energy self-flagellating - because it is not worth it.

Okay - end of lecture - you are off the hook - enjoy your holiday!
what she said... enjoy yourself ;)
Go you!
Yeah what Jeanie said.
Enjoy your sleep-in! Is there anything more self indulgent? No there is not. You deserve it, you Queen of the Netball Committees and Tandem Bikes.
If you ride fast you miss the views. I hadn't realized it was a race rather than an enjoyable ride.

Maybe the others need to dial down the competition.

Remember there is nothing wrong with being the caboose. It's the cutest car in train.
What more can I say?
Enjoy your sleep-in.
My lie ins are theoretical too!
Hell YEAH!!!! You are going great guns girl.
I'd have you on my team anyday of the week.

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