Friday, June 08, 2007


Only because...

Northern Girl tagged me for a meme...So only because it's an easy one. And only because being tagged makes me feel so Special.

“Recycle a post that helps to sum up you and your history for a first-time reader.”

I link to this post on my sidebar - 'The Full Catastrophe.'

I've edited it once since I first posted it, and it summarises a bit about me.

This one sums me up more specifically... and that's probably all you'd ever care to know about me.. This year there have been some developments...improvements even. A bit of a marriage "crisis" led to my husband not working away so much. A silver lining.. a blessing in disguise.. if you wish. And I have made progress in the fitness area. Shows that change is possible. I've still to work on the domesticity and job issues, but I suppose that goes to show that anything is possible.

Oh yeah.. you're supposed to tag people with memes, but being a bit of a rebel, I won't. As usual... if you want to do this, consider yourself tagged.

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It is very, very encouraging to hear about your improvements! Thanks so much for sending out some hope!!
You are such an overachiever - TWO posts that sum you up! Huh.

But all kidding aside, thanks for playing along with the meme. :)
I think it's called being 'verbose'.

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