Monday, August 20, 2007


Next step: CWA membership.

I hadn't made scones in.. oh, more than 10 years, I'd say. There's an indication of just how domestic I am. Not. But there was something about a stay-inside-rainy weekend day (and some left over cream in the fridge) that found me, inexplicably, in the kitchen and pulling recipe books off the shelves to refresh my memory.

Seems I wasn't the only one!

Marc was rather surprised (like in a 'my god, what's got into you?!' kind of way.) Not that he was complaining. It really has been that long since I've turned out a batch of scones! I actually used to make them a bit (more than 10 years ago!) when we lived on the Southern Highlands - way back when I was a bit more domestic. (Zoe was a bit put out to hear that she'd missed out on all those occasions because that was before she was born!) Maybe we had more stay-inside-rainy weekend days there. (We certainly did in winter.) Maybe I wasn't as 'over' the cooking thing quite so much back in those days!! Also these days I am much less likely to have cream in the house, and jam and cream as accompaniments are seriously the only way to eat them! But there was still some cream left over from my birthday cake. Bingo.

So, apparently, there are all these tips and tricks to making the perfect scone. (BrissieMum from the link above has one theory.) I have always used the round cutter because I prefer the rounded look. I used to do a passable job at it but this lot (I did follow the 'hot oven' tip in my Women's Weekly cookbooks) actually ended up with a couple of them a bit burnt on top before they had properly cooked in the middle. A few more minutes with the oven turned down did the trick, and they didn't turn out half bad after all. They were demolished in pretty short order by the family, so they certainly weren't inedible, and I would put money on them being quite delighted if I made them more often! I probably made them a bit close to tea time, but, what the heck. Just what we needed to brighten up a grey, rainy day.


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mmmm scones with jam and cream. Mmmmm. What we call biscuits are alot like scones, only not as sweet. My brother made scones one Christmas (he's a grand cook) and we all wound up ignoring the presents and eating those scones.mmmmm.
can't go past a scone fresh from the oven, yummo!
Scones with jam and cream! Oh behave. I feel the sudden urge to turn out a batch myself.
Baaahaaaa! At least your had cream! I found myself completely out of cream and decided that I could do without it! ;) I do love scones though. Nothing like scones and a cup of tea from a fine bone china about playing ladies!
I have several recipes and lots of tips but have yet to try my hand at scones. Maybe I should just do it.......after I buy some cream, devon cream for me.

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