Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's all good.

Well, it's nearly all good.

I rode my 'criterium' on Friday - 10.5 km by just going a varied route around and around the block, and earning some bemused looks from a few people I passed several times. I went to swimming and my knee played up a bit above my knee cap (ie. different spot to where it had hurt before. Of course.) I think it's the fins - but then it hurt just kicking normally. Bit frustrating. But after swimming it felt fine.

Zoe had been ok enough all day Friday so I decided we should take a chance and both go riding in the morning. I'd asked #1 if she'd look after her in the unlikely event she woke again. She reminded me that she'd done that once before - she'd heard Zoe crying in bed (because of a blocked up nose etc) on a Friday night after I'd gone to bed. She'd said 'Don't wake mummy, she's getting up really early to go bike riding.' And she'd got her a drink, got her to blow her nose, and brushed her hair for her because she figured that might help her sleep!' So she does have a TLC gene in her after all!

We rode. (62km!). Zoe didn't wake up. My knee was good.

We got through netball semi-final day (and I stayed beyond the girls' playing times to help - building up my brownie points because, not that they know it yet, next week I'll be racking off to get away for this 100 mile bike ride)

The Swans had a draw... damn it. Not as bad as a loss, but yes, it does leave you with a nothing feeling. I felt sorry for new cycling friends (the ones we sold the tandem to) who travelled up to Brissy to see the game last night. What an anticlimax. Nothing beats being able to sing along to your team song playing throughout the grounds after a win, although at least they didn't have to walk out - from the opposition's home ground no less - with the other song playing, and the other supporters enjoying a win. While the passion to beat Brisbane wasn't quite as strong with the absence of a particular player (Jason Akermanis - one of those 'characters' that people either love or hate, and guess which way I fall on that issue), it's still there. It's that NSW vs Queensland "thing". I don't even know why I care... I'm so not a 'good' footy supporter. I get antsy when the Swans aren't playing well, and need to get up and do something else to take my mind off it. Probably because I wasn't born and bred into it. At least it got the kitchen cleared and dishwasher stacked.

After my early morning, I was oh so looking forward to bed last night... At 5 am, dragging on bike clothes, I'd had this little mantra going on in my head about how good it would feel to crawl into bed that night! (I'm still working on the night owl vs morning person thing.) Marc had had a 5 minute power nap after the Swans game was over, sitting on the lounge, laptop on lap, but head lolling (as in 'loll' not 'lol') forwards in his inimitable 'can sleep anywhere' fashion. But as we were getting into bed suddenly he wanted to chat about this and that, and all I could muster were grunts. Bastard still fell asleep before me... *snort, snuffle, snore* - there is a definite advantage to not drinking coffee I think.

I was looking forward to my Sunday sleep in (although Caitlin had informed us that she had to be in town for a rep netball squad selection meeting at 9 am. Oh damn. "Well, you'll have to wake us up in time then"). But oh dear. Alison appeared at the side of my bed at 5am saying 'I don't feel well... I'm feeling hot and cold, and I can't sleep.' I wasn't really planning on seeing 5 am three mornings running, thanks. (It's soemthing I've ever got used to - having managed to raise children who never rose at the crack of dawn!) Paracetemol to the rescue again (meaning down and up two flights of stairs to get it.) I encouraged her back into her own bed - top bunk - because I figured she'd make me hot and vice versa if she tried to squeeze into bed with us. (12 year olds are that much bigger than 8 year olds!) Hmm. Not so good.

I should have taken some paracetemol myself, and I should know that if I have a bit of a headache at 5 am, it will still be there when I wake again at 8 am. Cait woke us up. Yep, I had a headache. Alison appeared as well. "How are you?" I ask, envisaging at least one day of unwellness for her - with this flu bug doing the rounds. "I feel better thanks." she says. "Can we go shopping? - I've got book vouchers and birthday money I want to spend." *groan*

The Daddy took them in. He had car repair stuff to buy. Cait's netball meeting lasted exactly three minutes. "You're in the rep squad again. (Everyone who nominated is - so not even the tryouts that she went through the first two years of it. ) Here's a note. We start training in February 2008." (So totally worth the 25km drive don't you think?!). They hopped on over to the shopping plaza, and at 9.15 am nothing was open yet! As they still haven't returned at 11 am, I figure they've gone to the auto parts shop, and gone back shopping.

Meanwhile, Zoe is pretty much over her coughing stuff - think we've got off lightly there - but last night tells me that the back of her legs are sore. I had waved her off to bed, telling her that knee and leg stuff was my domain and she should stop copying me!! (And thinking a good sleep should fix it.) This morning she said she couldn't even walk downstairs! So I've played masseur to her (and made a difference, apparently)... and I'm trying to get rid of this headache. Tablets. Cups of tea. No sympathy required on that count - I think it was the two glasses of red wine last night. (On top of one lite beer and one Corona) I wonder when I'll ever learn. Red wine and me - it's a risky dalliance.

The shoppers have returned, and Alison isn't 100%. (Who's surprised?) It's a drizzly rainy day, which isn't good for cycling training, but we do need the rain - particularly to settle the dust and loose dirt on the forest roads! Marc still thinks we should ride in the rain.. so perhaps we will. As long as I can shake this headache.

So it's all.. nearly... good. As long as these bloody kids don't give me their lurgy this week.

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Oh that is such a lovely image of your oldest taking care of your little one so lovingly - brushing her hair even - awwww, how gorgeous!
Hope the rest of your sick ones are on teh mend soo and teh well one remain that way.
Oh Trace - lurgy is still hitting here, so I comiserate!

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