Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Still lost the plot. Had grand plans to get up and go for a walk straight after breakfast, but I lay in bed and finished the book I was reading instead. Stuff the guilt that Marc was getting up to go to work. He could quite safely use that quote that goes along the lines of "SOME DAYS I WAKE UP GRUMPY BUT MOST TIMES I LEAVE HER SLEEPING'.

I have been waking up fairly jaded these days. Heaven knows, I should be wishing my husband would go away more often, because HIS SNORING IS DRIVING ME INSANE! And he won't do anything about it. I admit I'm not really keen on the idea of him being diagnosed with something like sleep apnoea, even though, deep down, I know that it's a serious condition, and if he has it, then he should be treated. But having to hook up to a bloody machine to sleep?!! God knows, the denture 'retainer' thingy he has to wear each night (so he doesn't grind his teeth to the roots) is enough of a passion killer (as the dental prosthesist called it.) I don't think I could stand it if he had to wear a mask, hooked up to something as well. May as well organise a separate bedroom now. Never mind how impractical it would be with the way he has to travel for work.

He could try something else... chiropracter! naturopath... even... any gimmick, I don't care, but for god's sake, he has no idea just how appalling it is to lie there trying to sleep with it. Doesn't matter how much I complain, he does nothing about it. Ok for him.. he doesn't lose any sleep from it. (Well, so he thinks, anyway, but sometimes the sudden snorting freaks me out because it sounds like classic apnoea symptoms.)

It doesn't help that he is the type to fall asleep within.. oh.. about 15 seconds of his head hitting the pillow. Being the total opposite (I take ages to relax and drop off), I need to get an hour's headstart on him so that I am able to relax and fall asleep in peace.

Sometimes it starts sotto voce.. and any invisible, random observer would think I was a bit too too cranky, because I start shoving him, or thumping him almost immediately. But I know the pattern. It just gets louder.. and louder... and, let go, it builds to a crescendo.

"Oh for f*%#'s sake, roll over" I finally say. Or yell. It's a wonder I haven't accidentally pushed him out of bed as I 'assist' this process.

Sometimes it works. For a while. If I manage to fall asleep then, then I can usually make it through the night. Although it's not unheard of for me to be woken up by it. Last night, he rolled over, and after a while, it stopped. Bliss. But my mind was racing, and so I didn't drop off quickly enough. Damn... he shifts position. I hold my breath... Goddammit, off he goes again.

And so it goes.

And I wake up cranky because he has deprived me of sleep - or because I fell asleep feeling cranky.

It's not really an excuse for not doing what I intended on doing today... but it's not the best frame of mind to start the day in.

I had planned to go to town today to take bike wheels (that need spokes repaired) to the bike shop, but Ali told me that Marc had put them in his car. So I let Ali have 2 friends over... I really must sort myself out to do something active this afternoon. And clean up the kitchen after 5 of them were in there making their lunch. And do something for dinner....
Oh, T, with snoring my biggest peeve in the world, I think I've told you this before, but I don't know how you handle it.

Have you tried taping him and playing it back? Mind you, my dad's the same, I think we even taped him, and it's done NOTHING.

Mum says he's actually embarrassed by it. Maybe he is.

Still - cold comfort to you!

I'm not much help, but I am here listening!!
Oh boy Tracey! I'm so sorry but I was laughing my head off at your description of his snoring.

I snore.... :( Wondering what's going to happen if...when ;)...I get my dream guy in bed with me...

Oh, and I've been video taped too - the kids and ex thought it'd be funny...I didn't. :(

I had some problems with snoring while I was travelling, if I'm really tired and stressed I snore. If anyone had taped it and played it back I don't think I'd ever have got to sleep again. Just knowing that I'm doing it makes me wake every few hours, so I get more tired, so I snore more.
One of my friends bought me some Breathe Right nasal strips, I got them in Europe haven't needed them in Australia because I sleep well out of earshot of anyone. I said 'They'll never work!' But they did. It's like putting a bandaid across your nose, 'gently opens the nasal passages'... I'm quoting from the box. I kept it in case I want to buy it again.
Right. I'm buying a box of them as soon as I can! If I can get them in Oz.
To answer your question, m-m, years and years ago, BT, as we refer to it (Before Tracey - yes, I married him knowing he snored).. on some weekend away, some mates taped him snoring, and played it back, which woke him up, and caused him to utter the following quotable quote... "What the f*#@ is that?".

Only reason I haven't taped is lack of an appropriate recording device. I should learn how to use Cait's mp3 player, which has a voice recording option.

Sometimes he has accused me of snoring - he has heard me on a few occasions (so he says) when he has had to get up early. I just say "GOOD. Payback."

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