Friday, September 21, 2007


Don't you know ANYTHING?

My mate, Misc Mum, was today poetically lamenting her woes in regard to Facebook.

Given that's one area of the internet I haven't as yet explored, I turned to my resident internet expert, the 14 year old, Ms Cait, and asked:

"So have you got a Facebook thingy?"

She looked at me in exasperation, and slowly and carefully answered me, enunciating her words clearly so there'd be no risk of confusion. (Much like you'd speak to someone with, say, dementia...)

"I have MySpace. Facebook is for OLD people."

(So does that make your day Misc Mum?)


[Edited to add: ]

And then she said "I knew you'd blog that!"


Did she roll her eyes? I love it when they roll their eyes...that when you get to say "Do that again and I'll smack those eyes to the backside of your head!"

And yeah to the know your IQ drops 40 points everytime she comes in the room.
I needed a good laugh. That was hilarious. I especially like the footnote. I haven't explored either, but I think she's probably summed it up really.

Well, I agree too. A bit. Yes, myspace and this place Beebo my cousin is on.

MM, don't forget when you're 14, over 20 sems positively ancient!

Rootie, the standard joke in our house when the eye rolling happens is to dob whoever it is in by asking if they are looking at the cobwebs on the ceiling. (Says a lot about our place, but in my defence we have exposed beams....)
ha ha ha ha - put you in your place!
lol @ the comments.
& uhhh misc mum..
you spelt bebo wrong.
Whoopsie.... wow, that must mean I'm an old fuddie-duddy, eh?!


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