Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Who knew one sat so much ...

This trying to either stand or get horizontal is really quite tedious. And that's coming from a supreme procrastinator who is quite good at not being 'active' around the house. What's really frustrating about it is that I don't have an 'in your face' pain thing that automatically disencourages me to sit. So I can't help but sit .. a little bit.. every now and then...(like now - sshhh - don't tell anyone...) There is a discomfort factor, but I'm basically going nuts with the alternatives.

I lay around watching tv and a dvd all day, and I actually got really bored with it. Which is quite fascinating, as the idea of being able to lounge around, guilt-free, watching telly all day would, to many people, be quite appealing. (Probably all that says about me is that I'm just more hooked on the internet.)

But trying to get horizontal on the lounge, but still watch the tv, isn't totally comfortable either... I've probably done things now to other parts of my spine. So I've also spent some time standing around. In the front garden. Watching the birds. Looking at the house from the outside. In the kitchen. Till that drove me nuts too.

I never realised how much you sit around in the normal course of a day. At the computer. At the table to eat. Whenever you want to eat or drink anything.... either at the table, or sitting upright on the lounge. (Lucky we have recliner chairs in our lounge, so I've been using that feature, figuring that it's not as bad as sitting upright......)

I appreciate the kind suggestions to get a housekeeper, but, you know, I'm totally not bad enough to warrant one.. never mind the fact that I would absolutely loathe having someone else in my house. (Gah... I so couldn't cope with that!) I can walk around.. pain free really. I'm quite functional in most respects, except that the bending/sitting thing does niggle. (And if I bend recklessly, then I know about it.) Then just add to that the guilt compontent because you've been advised not to sit, so if you do sit you know you're likely doing something that is contrary to the goal of getting your back better. (But seriously, when you wake up after being horizontal all night and your back hurts, it's a bit hard to be totally committed.)

Marc got home this afternoon.. which is good - very good - except that he's outrageously tired, and has finally collapsed on the lounge (and so I am anticipating that his snoring tonight is going to drive me nuts!! Welcome home darling.)

I lined up the girls to prepare tacos for dinner, figuring that was something they could pretty much do. They did most of it.. though again I say God help the 14 year old! - No commonsense. Noone who has had as many tacos as she has in the past AND who has commonsense would cut up the tomatoes in huge chunks like she did. *le sigh*. I suppose we all have our 'blonde' moments - me no exception - but I do worry about the girl. (I also had to point out to her today that when you hang clothes on the line they will actually dry better if you un-scrunch them - and pull sleeves out that have got all tucked in, etc. *double le sigh*) I don't know if it's lack of commonsense, or just sheer laziness.

[My ultimate goal with the children is that they will become thinking, caring and contributing members of the household. Where they will have the ability to notice what needs to be done, and then get in and do it. Like - ooh, it's late afternoon. Clothes still on line. Will go bring them in. So far (and this is highlighted when I'm unwell, or slightly incapacitated as now) they're not really 'getting it'. We still have a long way to go... I suppose someone will tell me that I am fighting typical child/teenager egocentricity...)

Anyway... yeah.. just here to whinge.. and I've gone overtime with an illicit and undoubtedly ill-advised 'sit'.

Time to wake the boy and go up to bed to get horizontal.


Backs are ornery things! I've just been through an eight week period where I was moderately comfortable sitting, agonised walking and really uncomfortable standing. The worst thing of all was that lying down (my preferred way of sleeping, lets face it) was equally uncomfortable. Fortunately I was still able to drive, although almost incapacitated when I arrived at my destination.
So what did I do? Growled a lot at my family... knitted three garments... read a bit (although it is hard to concentrate when you are in pain)... watched mindless day time television... visited the physiotherapist... gulped down analgesics and antiinflamatory medication... wrote a whinging email to Elizabeth.
Finally, just as I was about to apply for a disabled sticker for my car, my back decided that I'd had enough, it would let me walk again, maybe it was time that I could have an uninterupted night's sleep. I've tentatively revisited the gym and am thinking of taking up water aerobics.
I'm not sure why this happened to me, and it must be even worse when it attacks someone as active as you, Tracey.
Why am I telling you all this? Mainly to say that I understand. Rest until your body tells you that you can tentatively start more activity. I found my physio's advice excellent. Two days ago he told me that I could dispense with his services unless I had two consecutive days of back pain. I still get occasional twinges, but after eight weeks of constant pain I use them as reminders to take care. I'm sure that pain is part of the body's message system, listen to it.
I was so grateful to be able to sit, but aren't you lucky to lie down, at least you should get some sleep.
Take care and don't jump back on a bicycle unless medical opinion tells you it's ok!
Oh Trace - I hope you did get a good night's sleep.

How about read while reclining, rather than try to entertain yourself with tv? I know you like to read and it is a position you can take.

Re the girls - according to the doco I saw last week, adolescence robs people of their ability to connect the dots as easily as adults or children do. You may need to speak v-e-r-y slowly and pander to her knowledge of everything (except the important stuff).

Hey - maybe when she grows up, she won't be so particular about a housekeeper!!!
Unlike Libby, I can sleep. So much to be thankful for indeed.
I'm just frustrated more than in pain. And thus being a whinger. One of the dangers of writing a blog, you can get a bit self-centred when you are just writing about your own little world.

I don't think I actually did myself any favours reading in bed (for so long) the other night... and I actually don't think I do very well at holding a book yet trying to be relatively horizontal. ie. not good at holding book in air for long periods.

Was that the doco by Robert Winston on the Human Brain, jeanie?
Oh, Tracey. Not for a minute am I being critical... I know how agonisingly frustrating and painful a bad back can be. Talk about it all you like.
It's amazing how hopeless adolescents turn into capable mums and dads a few years down the track, I've watched it in my own family. If I think back to myself at that age, I don't know that I was much use in the kitchen, as for using a broom or a vacuum cleaner unless someone was chasing me making dire threats... I'd usually escape somewhere with a book.
TV does get old, doesn't it. Isn't it funny how things are. I'm fine with sitting, no problem, in fact, but walking. Ugh. how about I come sit for you and you come walk for me? I am really glad it's not so bad you can't move. Back things are scary.
Oh rootie, so often I've wished I could do something magical for you so you could get around without that hip pain. And now the ankle!

I pushed the ability to walk thing a bit yesterday - we walked up the beach, and I'm paying for it now. Funny thing is it is up in my muscles, rather than that nerve pinching thing in my spine. I think. Shame my massage lady is actually away... today I could really use a massage.

Re TV - we haven't got cable or satellite.. or digital.. so just the choice of 5 free to air stations. Only one of which is commercial free... I've always resisted getting MORE TV, but right now I wish I had a bit more choice.

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