Friday, September 14, 2007


Turning the corner

Yesterday and last night I got a bit weirdly shivery, and thought 'uh-oh'... not flu-type stuff again! Please, no, not on top of the back stuff! I also would have killed for a massage because all the muscles in my back seemed to be jangling and my head hurt. But my massage lady is away, so instead I made do with painkillers. One dose got me through taking the kids into the shops after school for a few things they needed. I took another couple after dinner when I went all weird again, and then I curled up under the dooner up in bed while I watched Marc iron his stuff to go down to Sydney for a school reunion. Quite amazing how well the panadol and codeine worked, really; after an hour snuggled up in bed, and rejoicing in gradually feeling cosy and warm again, I was ok to get back up and finish up in the kitchen. (Because of course the kids wouldn't think to help out!)

After a night of the weirdest, weirdest dreams, I woke with a headache, but also with my back feeling significantly better - both muscle-wise, and with the spinal nerve stuff that made bending such freak-out material. I hope that means I'm over the worst, and can be back on track over the next few days. As previous posts show, I've not been very patient about it! If indeed I have turned the corner already, then I am really very lucky.

I had been putting off hemming some new pants Marc bought for himself, but the deadline finally arrived with this reunion tonight. I had built up the whole exercise in my mind - totally and absolutely out of proportion, which seems to be my M.O. of late. My god, as if hemming a pair of pants is that hard! My sewing table and sewing machine are a mess, and covered in dust, and I had it in my head that doing anything of a sewing nature was going to be a herculean task. Even this morning I rang and postponed my 11.15 chiropractor appointment so I 'had more time'.

Finished by 9.30... I am such a drama queen.


Take it easy! don't be getting yerself in a fix again! And you ARE a drama queen! join the club!
More flu symptoms here, too although I think it is more a sinus infection! Nothing like antibiotics to cure it and knock the lining off your gut, too! Lol!

I agree though...take it have holidays to survive coming up!
Oh good luck on getting better, but TAKE YOUR TIME - necessity is the mother of invention, if you don't get up to clean the kitchen they may (eventually).

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