Monday, September 10, 2007


".. and no vacuuming ok"

Should have been music to my ears. Only problem was the medical advice came with "you really need to be lying down flat as much as possible.. avoid sitting... is Marc home? No..* Well when he gets home he needs to do stuff for you."

Yeah, right.

Stupid back. Stupid whatever I did to cause the inflammation between the discs in my spine, or whatever...

And if lying down was so beneficial, I shouldn't wake up with my back hurting, should I?

However I have done my best to lie on the lounge as much as possible, and am already going stir crazy with it.

It's pretty hard to sit and eat dinner - or to drink anything - whilst not sitting.
It's pretty hard not to do stuff, even when you're the world's worst housekeeper.

I shouldn't even be sitting here typing this.

Better go. To bed. To lie down. Some more. For no perceivable improvement.

* His work trip was extended by two days.. he's home tomorrow, but he tells me his back is sore from being thrown around on very bumpy boat ride (zodiac type I gather) across the ocean.. skipping waves, bump, bump, bump kind of thing. Terrific. We have shocking timing when it comes to this sort of stuff...


Oh poor you - is there home delivery available in your area? Time to hire the housekeeper, I say - medical emergency.

The reason I learned to cook so well so young (besides loving food) is because my mother was bedridden with Ross River fever for long periods of time - it DOES NOT KILL children to do stuff.

Good thing netball season is over, I say.

And get some bendy straws ($2 at cheap shops), a swivel screen and remote keyboard.
the housekeeper idea sounds good, get one and maybe you can keep her hee hee.

gentle hugs from the west side
Oh! I hope you're feeling at least a bit better today.
Oh no, only one feeb on the blogosphere at a time.

The housekeeper idea is a good one, so is having the girls show their stuff. I don't know if it works on girls, but whenever my boys start acting their age, I make my chin quiver and act like I'm trying hard not to cry.

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