Friday, November 09, 2007


Well that takes care of the housework

I was so going to vacuum today. The house needs vacuuming like you wouldn't believe. Oh boy.

So what setback might you throw up for a procrastinating, dysfunctional housewife (still recovering from a sore knee - still can't bend it completely, so crouching down low is.. inconvenient...) when she has finally located the vacuum cleaner floor brush attachment she's been looking for all week, and she finally gets her arse into gear and off the computer, and sets it all up and starts to vacuum?

You make the vacuum cleaner go PFFFFTT that's what.

As in.. (5 seconds into using it) *labouring sound, funny smell, turn off quickly.. can't turn back on again* kind of PFFFFTT.

I swear we've only had this vacuum cleaner a few years. Four at the most. How long should vacuum cleaners last? And what am I going to do now? Try and get it fixed? Buy a new one? (Visitors next weekend... don't have long to do anything about it either...)

Not to mention we've just bought a new washing machine and all.

The great gods of electrical appliances are up there havin' a larf.

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