Saturday, November 03, 2007


You better watch out, or...

[Scene: In car. Mum is driving. Ms 14 is in passenger seat. Ms 14 reaches over and changes the radio station - a typical move on her part. Mum frowns as music she doesn't like blares.]

"You know, when you are an adult, and have your own car, and you drive me somewhere.. I am going to just reach over and change your radio to whatever I want to listen to."

"No way! This is different! I'm your daughter!"

"And I'm your mum. What's the difference?"

"Oh well, when I get old, I'll probably end up being boring and listening to the ABC like you."

[A few kilometres down the road, Mum changes the station back to intelligent 'talk' and the odd bit of music. A slight smile plays on her face as she notes that Ms 14 doesn't change it back as she normally would.]


Revenge is sweet.

My dad is a closet Nirvana fan. When I was about 19 and was traveling between Brisbane and Maryborough with him, I put in a tape of Nevermind. This man, who looked like my father, and who normally hates loud music when he is driving, told me to "turn it up". WTF???????? Who are you and what have you done with my dad?

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