Sunday, December 30, 2007


Just not worth it.

What isn't worth it? Playing russian roulette with wine, that's what. The 'bullet or not' is the wine quality - and the catch is that I haven't yet worked out where - for me - the line is between being able to enjoy a glass (or two, or at the very most three) with no consequences, or feeling like total crap the next day.

You might guess from the tone of this post that I have felt like crap most of the day.

Perhaps it was the new style wine packaging - the 'brique' - which I decided was worth trying. (I'd heard about it on the radio - environmentally the future of wine packaging - but I can find stuff all about it on the net)... Perhaps it was just the fact that it was under $10. Perhaps it was the glass of Shiraz Rosé I had after maybe two glasses of the dry white...

All I know is that I woke a couple of times in the night with a headache, and woke up still with the damn headache, which then invited along a touch of nauseousness to the pseudo- migraine party it had with me for most of the rest of the day.

Which is crap. On top of feeling like crap, you feel worse because you realise it is self-inflicted. And because it's wasted a day. And because the husband can't hide being pissed off that the day is wasted, and you are in no state to go for a bike ride, or contribute to making dinner... And because neither he or the kids (naturally) have experienced post-wine headaches like this, they don't comprehend the difference between what you can do and what you can't. (ie. holding head still-ish = bearable; moving around = not bearable. And going back to sleep = not useful when you've had 9-10 hours sleep AND woken up with the frigging headache in the first place.)

You'd think I'd give it up. Wouldn't you. And I probably will this time.

Until I forget.


Oh Trace - no sympathy whatsoever? I will give it to you in spades!

I am a two glasses at most girl these days (generally 1/2 a glass is enough) as I have learned that alcohol and me have never been best buds.

The worst bit, if this is your "last hangover", is that the night before wasn't a memorable rip-snorter.

Hugs, a cool washer and a heap of sympathy from me.
I'm sorry- drinks tons of water and take some aspirin. I can knock back an entire magnum of Asti-Spumante and suffer nothing more severe than a dry mouth, but 2 glasses of red wine closes the bedroom door for the whole day. My sympathies.
Don't feel sorry for the family although it must mean you are the centre of the place seeing as nothing can happen without you.*grin*

Tell them to tough it out and take another aspirin or a glass of beer if you dare!

...always best to stick to what you know won't hurt you....
Personally I find starting early always helps. Like, 11.00am. Although, clearly, you only resort to these measures in times of great stress, like when you spend Christmas Day with the mother in law. Am not saying that it makes the hangover any easier, mind you. It just makes the previous day a whole lot more bearable...
I think it's definitely a wine quality thing. From now on, only $20 + bottles for me! The other day I had beer and wine at lunch (aka Potty Mummy's style) and I was fine.
Or maybe I should just stick to my lite beer (and Coronas...)

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