Wednesday, December 05, 2007


When you wish you made the other decision.

So much for my "Fortune favours those willing to get a bit wet." I had big plans for today, but I've wussed out of them because I might have got a bit damp.

It was opportunity time. Overnight I was minus two kids! - though not in the way that Jeanie suggested in last post's comments. Ms 12 is away Monday to Friday on her Year 6 Sydney excursion. Ms 9 was away last night for her Year 3, and first, overnight excursion! Woo hoo!

While the kittens were away, you'd think Mummy and Daddy Mouse might play, but there was still the remaining issue of Ms 14, the fact that He and She played netball till 7.30, and I had committed to clubhouse patrol. And then home, make dinner.. watch an interesting show on the tv about the homing pigeons in WW2, meh...

But! A group of BUG (Bicycle User Group) peoples were doing a long ride today, starting at 7 am. I realised that I was free from my usual SAHM duties for this one morning - yee ha! Ms 14 can look after herself, and so I could, guilt-free, just get up and go.

I was really looking forward to this.

So, of course, there is rain. Had one of the riders who lives the other side of town not rung to say it was raining where she lived, I might not have got up and checked the radar. There was clear sky to my east (and a rainbow to the west!)

But the radar showed LOTS of rain to the west. Coming this way, but it looked to me like it might dissipate nearer the coast. She rang me back, had discussed with others and they were going.

I got into my bike gear, and was nearly on my way, when Marc came down and looked at the radar. "It will definitely rain" said he, of greater meterological understanding than me.

So I piked.

I even went back to bed.

Main excuse was 'time of month', and not wanting wet bike nix... if you know what I mean... BUT.

Look at what the rain is doing. It's missing the area they are riding in. (which I've marked with a circle.)

And so now I am going to spend the rest of the day beating myself up about it.


Oh - but of course, you know that had you made that other decision it would have bucketed right on top of you the whole way...
You have a radar? For the WEATHER? Wow.
LOL - no, the Bureau of Meterology website. Has radar.
Oh, OK. Check the know-nothing Pom...

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