Thursday, December 20, 2007


How to make a grown mum cry

It's been an emotional week.

There's the Christmas lead-up, of course, and I am going through much inner and outer turmoil as I try to manage the raging conflict I have over it. That would take me another post and a half to explain how stressed I am over trying to de-stress the whole damn thing. It is only significant here in that everything contributes (including the inevitable and ever-present out-of-whack hormones) to this gooey, blubbery mess you see before you.

There was the primary school presentation on Monday of course, with the highest academic accolade going to a second daughter! I did have to blink away a few tears, even though I knew she was in line to get it.

(Then there were the rollercoaster emotions over the eldest daughter... but I'm on a fairly even keel with that now. Sort of.)

After school on Monday Alison and I did a frantic 'Eleventh Hour' shop to buy a dress for her Yr 6 Farewell... the dress code was "good casual" ... but it had to be the 'right' dress, and the one eventually bought on the weekend after some other dramas had produced tears once we were home, because it wasn't the right dress. At 5.25, just as the shop was shutting we found The One (though I had to get ribbons sewn on as straps the next day!)

On Tuesday at school they had their 'graduation' assembly. It was a fairly casual affair, with a slideshow of photos from their year (mostly of their recent Sydney excursion).. and then a trot across the stage to each receive a certificate folder.

But then the two Year 6 classes stood and sang "Forever Young", and the tissues were coming out all over the place. I was fine until I saw a friend's mum dabbing her eyes, then I too succumbed. That trick of sticking your tongue on the roof of your mouth? It only partly works. It was straight on with the sunnies as we spilled out into daylight, and round to our 'kids' for more kisses and hugs.

And I have been a blithering mess ever since - whenever I even think of the damn song. Perhaps the lyrics aren't quite applicable.. yet they are. And even though it's my middle child reaching a milestone in her life - moving on from primary school to high school (so I've been there before, and I'll be there again) I can't stop the tears from welling up.

She is bright, smart, clever... tough, yet fragile. Capable, yet infuriating at times! And the one minute you are full of hopes and wonder at her future.. and just so excited for her to be going off to high school - and the next you want to just freeze this moment forever.

And look at her - she's just gorgeous.

And here I go with the tears again:

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hugs Trace - to quote Sid from the Darling Buds of May - sometimes its good to have a howl and clear the passages.
I love that dress, it's gorgeous!!! (Anything with pink. hehehe)

Our Year Sixes sang some Shannon Noll song "Shine" I think. It was fairly boppy. And they wore the full gowns and those hats!
This is probably blasphemy but I've never heard that song before. Loved the unstraightened hair and the skateboards in the video! And these rites of passage our kids go through: I think they are as much for the parents as for their children...
You're excused pm... Australian band covering a 1984 song by the German band 'Alphaville'... Used as a theme song for the show The OC... but I have to say that the only reason I know it is from the Australian airplay, because i've never watched the OC.

Yeah, I think you're right about the rite of passage thing.. but I think at least our school got it fairly right. Not too overboard with it.. and daughter is enjoying celebrating the milestone this week. They had the traditional Yr 6 vs teachers water fight at school yesterday!
That brings back memories of the Coldplay concert that I went to see where Youth Group supported them and that was the only song of theirs that Iknew. Lol! Seriously, it was the best moment of their set!

And yep, I'm tearing up with you. My 12 year old finished primary school but I didn't shed a tear on graduation night.....but on the last day I howled!

Hmmmm.....I think that I want to be forever young, too!

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