Thursday, December 13, 2007


Based on all the available evidence...

Ms 12. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out whether Ms 9 believes in Santa.

Ms 12's report of her findings - ie. her brief but direct conversation with the target - is as follows:

Ms 12: "Hey Zoe, do you believe in Santa?" (really subtle undercover work there Ali....)

Ms 9: "Yep! Other kids say it's your parents, but I know that's not possible... Mum and Dad couldn't possibly afford to buy all that stuff."


Oh that is good!
oh she is a sweetheart
Of course!
Love it.

Your girls are all keepers! *grin*
It's been a reeeeeally long week here. That is two school concerts (mine Wed, son's Thurs), changing classrooms (moving stuff while the kids are still there) plus reports and the usual clean up and frazzled nerves (the kids and the teachers). That story had me in fits of laughter. Boyfriend thinks I'm certifiable now.

Don't believe, don't receive, I say!
Heh heh
P.S. My nine year old son still believes in Santa.
very smart cookie !
Sounds to me like she knows which side her bread is buttered (but then I am a cynical old bat, after all!)

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