Thursday, January 03, 2008



No! Not whitewater rafting!

Just quickly, as it is important for you to be imagining correctly what we are planning on doing!

A wikipedia definition

Some photos of our past canyoning trips...

The website of one of Australia's canyoning 'gurus'

This is the canyon we plan on doing... we usually take lilos/airmattress...

Anyway, hope to bring you our very own photos...

Must pack!
Oh! That looks like serious! Gorgeous, too.
have a terrific time and stay safe~

I was thinking white-water rafting because the canyons I am familiar with are much wider, usually with a river running through the middle.
In my defence Tracey, I did know. But not because I've ever done anything as foolish like actually participate... It's rather like bungy jumping and parachuting, as far as I'm concerned; it would be great to have done it, but the actual doing it just seems too damn scary. Have a great time!
hope you have a lovely break after visiting the family
RT - in your defence, on that Wikipedia link there was a photo of 'canyoneering' in the US, and on one of them they were in rafts! Even the canyons here can be very narrow, and involve abseiling, open with abseiling, narrow, and just swimming, or with li-los, and more open and using li-los.

PM - I'm with you on the bungy jumping and parachuting! We all have our limit somewhere along the spectrum. Since I've had kids, my 'line' has moved downwards. I've done a few whitewater rafting trips, but I don't know that I could now. Also, some very huge abseils on a very difficult canyon. I don't think I could do them now!

The weather is going to be our biggest challenge with our upcoming plans. Not looking that good. We were going to go for a walk today up a headland which involved a 2km walk up the beach first, and it was really windy, starting to spit rain, so the kids and I said 'nup'. Actually as well as the weather, our fitness will be the challenge. Damn Christmas!

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