Monday, December 31, 2007


And she wants to be taken seriously

It is probably an act of protest - seeing that all the words she has employed haven't really worked. It's 8pm, and the cooking of dinner is in process. As I ask her to remove herself from the computer (where she has sat in a huff all day) and set the table, I realise that she is still in her pyjamas! Still.. not showered and changed. STILL! (No, I didn't pay much attention to her today!!)

Mind you, this final act of protest has stung less than the accusations that only a 14 year old can fling. Seems we have scarred the poor girl for life because we aren't doing anything on New Year's Eve. Seems that last year we sent them to bed before midnight, and OMG! She doesn't want to have such a rotten NYE again. They want to be 'crazy' and stay up till midnight... *sob sob*

Mind you, her first line of attack was to ask if she could go into town to the Jetty Carnival with friends. Whoa there! Quantum leap from what you've been allowed to do so far without supervision - and.. so... no. Not New Year's Eve. With drunk people around. Etc.

So, why couldn't we invite people around? You need other people to be able to run around crazy with...

Well.. there's the problem of the house that looks like a disaster zone, and if you want visitors then you need to pitch in and help with some cleaning up.

Which? Hasn't happened.

And, sorry, I felt too crook yesterday to even think about preparing for visitors.

And so we are the worst, most boring parents a 14 year old could ever be saddled with....

Sorry about that kid.

So it's the fireworks on telly.. and if you don't annoy us too much you can stay up and watch the midnight ones.

Ah yeah.. well.... HAPP-Y NEW YEAR then, everyone. Hope yours is more exciting than ours!

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Thank you a thousand times for being a good mom. 14 year olds don't need to be out around people drinking on New Year's, nor even to stay up until midnight. It's a treat, not a right, for them. Well done!
Hey, ours went to bed without the fireworks on telly even - tell her how lucky she is. Sheesh - I can't wait until 6 more years!

Have a great one, Tracey, and may 2008 bring you all you wish.
I guess you've already had New Year Tracey - hope it went better than anticipated. And guess what - she'll have a lifetime of misbehaviour ahead of her. A few more years of control won't hurt...
I intend for all of us to be in bed by 9. When your daughter moves away she can stay up as long as she likes.
Well seeing as She was up till midnight the night before (slacko holiday parenting - we were still up too - being natural night owls) it was a bit hard to send her to bed early! So we let them all stay up, watch the Sydney Harbour fireworks on the TV, and then go to bed. We are parents of compromise. She was on MSN chatting to other people who weren't out and about either.

No plans for today.. so no big deal. But we didn't give in to the tears and drama. She's just stuck with parents who'd rather put their time and effort into holidays that involve canyoning or big bike rides.

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