Thursday, February 07, 2008


A Claytons post.

(Translation for non-Aussies/Kiwis, click here)

In other words it's the blog post you're having when you're not having a blog post.

We haven't been washed away. For some reason or another I've actually been a bit busy. Can you believe it?! (No?... well, I guess some of it has been spent reading blogs, and half composing blogs, but never quite getting it all together.)

I have a draft post half completed, and a few others swishing around in my head. Meantime out in the real world, I did have my one hour swim squad on Monday, Zoe's school swimming carnival Tuesday, a bike ride for me yesterday (in which I got FOUR flats! and ended up calling Marc to come and get me and the bike), and today and tomorrow I have to head to town for various errands (including a lower back x-ray I should have had done before Christmas), visiting my daughter's friend's mum in hospital, and perhaps even buying some food for us all to eat. My favourite shorts ripped in the seat on Tuesday afternoon (hopefully all of the ripping happened at home, and I wasn't walking around the swimming carnival all day with a big hole in my pants!) - and so I wouldn't mind finally spending a clothes shop voucher I got for my birthday last August on some new clothes.

We had still more rain on Monday and Tuesday. (Yes, the swimming went ahead in the rain.) Everything is going mouldy. But I just hung washing out standing ankle deep in water; today, yes, hallelujah, there is blue sky.

Yesterday we actually saw the sun (hence the bike riding) but then had a tremendous thunderstorm around 4pm and a power blackout for nearly 3 hours. (Gah! What do you do between end of school and dinner with no computer, no TV - and very little light because it has come over so dark!?!! and it's bucketing down outside!)

I also have committed myself to some netball paperwork for rego on Saturday - which therefore needs to be done by.. hmmm.. tomorrow?!

Needless to day, serious blogging must wait.

I'll be baccck.

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