Monday, February 11, 2008


There was an old woman who swallowed a fly

Because for some reason she had her mouth open whilst belting down a hill on a tandem with her daughter. (There's one very good reason to ride on the back of a tandem, rather than the front, or on a single bike!)

And though she's accidentally swallowed a fly before, this one whipped in at such untimely velocity that it felt kind of ...wedged... in the back of her throat.

She tried to cough it back up as they continued downhill, apparently quite perplexing her husband on the bike behind, because he could see her head bobbing up and down, quite unlike any downhill, yee ha, coasting tactics he'd ever seen.

The coughing made her gag, so she slowed and pulled to the side and she tried to hoik it up. To no avail.

While she didn't choose to go down the path of swallowing a spider to catch the fly (she tried to wash it down with water, and then ate some grapes), the family have awarded her the Dramatic Performance of the Year, and she will not live it down until she dies (or they do... hmmmm...)

Additionally the eldest child has now decided that the Drama Queen tendencies that she has often been accused of now have a genetic imperative after all.

I survived. As you do. We rode 50km with the kids on Saturday. We're aiming to do the Loop the Lake ride (85km) on the 9th March, so thought we should get the girls out for a bit of 'training'. Funny how I was buggered afterwards and they were not!
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Well, all I can say is thank goodness there wasn't a whole menagerie flying by, because cycling into a horse would not be something to be sneezed at.
Hilarious - but oh yuk !
Well done on the 50km you kids are awesome.
I did the 1100km Melb to Sydney almost 20 years ago ... hardly been back on my bike since.
Am still gagging Tracey. You have my sympathies - not sure I would have been able to finish the circuit!
Drama indeed!
It had to come from somewhere.

"There was an old woman who ... rode her bike into a horse" ???!!!

1100km is totally awesome b~a! I'd love to be able to say I'd ridden a bike from Melbourne to Sydney!

PM, we were only 2.5km into the ride, and I'd have been in real trouble (from the OH) if I'd done the sook thing on him!

Yep. Thanks for agreeing E!!
AAGH! I should not laugh but Ah Cain't He'p It!

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