Friday, March 14, 2008


Payback time.

Commonsense is prevailing. At last. I went even more stupid after having a whinge about being tired. You'd think I'd go to bed early after that wouldn't you? Of course I didn't! I turned the computer off, and then got myself watching some drama-based-on-true-story show about an IVF stuff up. It was very thought provoking. But - Hello 1am.


I was more sensible last night, but I was already well on the road to deciding that I needed to pay back the deficit in my sleep bank account, and that tomorrow morning was going to be the only chance. Oh yes. Decadent, no-alarm sleep in, here I come. (Yes, parents with littlies. I hear you. It's ok to be envious. I've been there and come out the other side. (Well, sort of.. we managed to rear some good sleepers, so I confess I never did it as hard as some of you do and did, so I suppose you can go ahead and just hate me anyway...)

Well, anyway, I nearly got talked into getting up in the dark again to go bike riding in the morning. But I talked him out of it with the temptation of a mountain bike ride in the afternoon instead. We have committed to leading a MTB ride at the end of June for the BUG (Bicycle User Group), and so we have to find time to decide on a route.

All sounds eminently sensible to me.

Meanwhile, I've been working on our next family venture. Easter. Camping I hope. Bushwalking. Spontaneously of course. Weather permitting. (Marc reckons it always rains at Easter...)

Seriously thinking of this place: Cathedral Rock National Park. We last went there in 2000, when the girls were much younger, as you can see (and very cute!)

Yes it was cold up there! I vaguely remember it being Anzac Day (25th April).. The older two don't remember it... My main memories are of being blocked up with either really bad hayfever or a shocker headcold... And of Zoe, in the backpack, crying when we were on the top of the rocks unless she was on Mummy's back!!

It is close enough for a day trip, but this time I'd like to camp and do the other walk to Woolpack Rocks as well.

Stay tuned.


Don't you look stylish.

It will be fun comparing photos after a second trip.
Oh - I drove through that area (yes, when I drove right past your place and only waved) and it is BE-A-U-TI-FUL. You have to take photos for the folks of going across waterfalls (if you indeed go that way).

Only catching up on my faves slowly here, so well done on looping the lake - I think it very slack they didn't give you more lake and tucker, but I am still dead impressed at doing about 20 times what I might saddle up to on any given day.

And what is it about parents these days that they don't get their children to take responsibility for their own choices. Friend agreed to do the job (I believe) so should have followed through OR called and advised otherwise.
You are amazing!

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