Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Synchronise your lives...NOW..

I don't know how I got through last year without this! A few weeks back I started up a Google calendar which is an online calendar - related to Google Docs. If you have a Google account, you can set one up.

It's set up to be shared, at the moment, with Marc and Cait. They can edit certain calendars, so that changes automatically show on everyone's calendar, and also have their own calendars, which they can opt to share with me.

In the name of colour coding, I have a 'Family' Calendar. A 'Tracey' calendar. A 'Netball' calendar (surprise, surprise). A 'School Stuff 'calendar. And a 'Marc' calendar. And a few of Cait's calendars, which I can turn on or off, or use as a resource for the calendars I control.

Now there are no excuses for not knowing what is happening - and trust me, that was becoming a problem.

Marc used to forget about keeping me up with changes in any work field trips.(Plus I was trying to get a grip on a couple of Touch tournaments he had coming up.) "Didn't I mention it?" ["No..."] .... Plus he'd not remember what I'd mentioned about family or school events, and next thing I know it's clashing, and I'm ... not very happy....

And Caitlin was complaining that she didn't know we were planning on doing this or that on certain weekends... and she.. wasn't very happy.

Now, any changes to work trips, he changes it while he is at work and it automatically shows next time I view it online. And he can work around anything specific scheduled for family...

My only complaint is that some days (on calendar view) aren't big enough for the list of appointments and events!

And I'm rather up the creek if our broadband connection, or the computer, is down.

But given our manic months ahead, this could well be the 'gadget' of the year for us.
Oh,I am So envious! Not that you've got synchronized, that your family will post and read the thing!!!
Ah well, it's only that the OH is on his computer constantly at work (and he has now merged this 'other' one of his, and the family calendars, in with his other work calendar... in fact he's set up a whole Google Apps thing at work, sharing calendars, documents etc with colleagues.

At one point I did ask him if our communication had been reduced to noticing changed entries on the google calendar...

And Ms 14 is independently minded on the computer now... The other two aren't really old enough and into it enough for them to take notice. But Dad and Eldest is definitely a start!
I notice that my all important 30th Birthday isn't featured in our calendar.

What's up with that then Missy?

I've gradually started getting into more of Google's extra functionality - I still don't like RSS readers though - how hard is it to bookmark your favourite blogs and just read through them?
My this is quite more organized that I ever really want to be. My kids being a bit older don't need as much scheduling. I do have a trusty planner that I write in. Heh. ;)
"I notice that my all important 30th Birthday isn't featured in our calendar...What's up with that then Missy?"

Says the guy who once forgot his own birthday and was reminded by my email wishing him a Happy one. And which wouldn't have been so bad except that he has a twin!

Happy Birthday for this month Jebus. I haven't received my birthday alarm about it yet! So I would have "remembered" in time.

Yeah, I don't do the feeds either. I do the random clicking through the bookmarks as well.

Hey Janice! Ah well, I'm the queen of chaos, and my memory seems to be failing me. I usually rely on my wall calendar, but communication (with husband and child) was letting me down!
Well, I have got as far as the bloglines, but have only limited time these days so it only tells me how much I have missed!

Good on you for getting the technology clicking! I think you need it most.

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