Tuesday, March 25, 2008



This proverbial wagon I'm attempting to ride is not getting anywhere fast. You know... the 'cut down on alcohol, cut down on junk food, keep up the exercise' wagon. You know the vehicle to which I allude?

Well I keep falling off the bloody thing.

I blame Easter?! Pfffft. Who needs it? Even if we had a weekend of 'family' time. (Sort of. If you count trying to clean the house as family time.)

It's the chocolate temptation. It's the two public holidays (meaning no swimming squad on Friday AND Monday).. It's twice the number of weekend evenings meaning FOUR nights in which I, for some reason, allowed myself a wine or two (Because it was a weekend, because it was a holiday weekend, because? I don't know! So much for laying off the booze. And I'd been doing so well. *sob* - even if it wasn't translating to the scales.)

It's all gone to hell in a handbasket.

For some reason I also forgot to exercise in the week leading up to Easter. So I haven't done any exercise since Monday of last week. This is not an ideal way to lose any weight in anyone's language, particularly when Cadbury chocolate is also involved. Plus I've not been eating sensibly the rest of the time either.

Well, when I fall off, I make sure I fall off properly.

I haven't even been on a bike since our MTB ride the other weekend. And this week I have a deadline to meet with a netball handbook, so I could conceivably spend all day tomorrow at the computer. (Spent half today here... )

But stuff it all... In the morning I am getting up early and heading into town to meet up with some cycling people who are, fortunately, meeting up at the more Tracey-friendly hour of 8am (rather than the common 6.30 or 7am.) It won't be a hard ride, but at least it will be something.

Hopefully enough to get me back on the wagon ride to better health and the loss of at least a couple of kilos.
Oh, how I hate that wagon. I seem to spend all my time chasing it down the road, stopping only to stock up on red wine and chocolate for when I fall off it again...
It should count for something that your are running down the road chasing it. *big grin*
At least you know what the wagon looked like - mine just upped sticks and left town before I had even defined it!

Just remember (advice from one who has read the books) not to beat yourself up about the days lost and focus on the days ahead.
I forgot other states aren't on school holidays. Anyway, what just occurred to me is...don't they say muscle weighs more than fat? So when you say you do all this bike riding but don't lose weight, surely you're expecting too much of yourself? You must be gaining muscle with all that exercise.
Love the extended analogy you painted there potty mum! Now wouldn't that be good if you could burn off the calories chasing the bloody wagon after falling off it.

Pix, I wish. Maybe in the legs. Certainly not in the region of the jelly belly.

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