Wednesday, March 19, 2008



So much for my Grand Easter plans. He Who Must Be Obeyed reckons we should stay home and do a big clean up.

I know it makes sense.

But I feel a bit deflated. Particularly seeing that observation came after a not so enthusiastic response to my suggested camping and bushwalking destination anyway.

And because I spent time on researching that destination. Wasted time it appears.

Sometimes I have days when I feel anything I do is a complete waste of time.

Meanwhile part of the reason that we should stay home and do a big clean up is that I am not the Domestic Goddess that I should be, and I've really let things slide lately. Basic daily or weekly cleaning jobs that are really my domain (seeing I am at home, and he is at work) have been ignored. I hate effing vacuuming, for instance - and a big reason for that is that there is so much crap left lying around by every member of this household (and I include Him and Me in that), that it seems just insurmountable. Bending down to pick it up, move it, move to get behind furniture, is a sure recipe for an effed up back for some days afterwards.

So it's all about what I don't do.

But we have to make a move on this renovation saga - and frankly the house has got to the point where it is embarrassing to have people come inside.

If I sound just a bit depressed it's because I am.

Maybe it'll rain anyway.


Get some packing boxes. Whenever you are setting to do a room, pick up all excess stuff on the floor and dump it in. Move it to the next room.

People will soon learn not to dump when they have to dig through the dump box to find them.

Sure beats the way I heard one woman fixed her husband's habit of leaving his clothes on the bathroom floor. She got a staplegun and affixed them where they lay - never again did he make that mistake!

Pity about missing the holiday, but if you all dig in as a project you will feel the joy that 'Salina felt after our last weekend of enforced tidying - she told me that "she loves her tidy room" - maybe you will fall in love with your house again.
Big Cleaning projects make me tired - before I even start. I know exactly how you feel.

I use the box method jeanie describes - I've also used the "chuck it" method which upsets people when they have to dig through the garbage to find their stuff. :)
Well, take comfort in the knowledge that I and 20 close friends are invading my parent's country estate for the 4 day weekend to go on winery tours and to generally have a few days of drunken debauchery to celebrate me turning 30.

There, doesn't that make you feel better? Of course it does... ;-P
The destination will be there next holiday, yes?

I'll be praying your back doesn't give out- yucky to be in pain over a holiday, whether at home or bushwalking!
I hear ya babe. My Easter long weekend will be spent cleaning, weeding and cleaning gutters. I despise these things. More than people wearing ugg boots.

And for me that is baaaaaaad.

Stocking up on wine. I suggest you do the same.

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