Sunday, March 16, 2008


Wouldn't you think...?

Wouldn't you think... that I wouldn't necessarily be tired today because all I did was stand around watching netball. (And sit down the alternate half hours between games.)... (Except for the first hour and a half of the carnival serving in the canteen.)

Wouldn't you think... that daughter knowing she had to play a rep carnival all day, then follow it up with a dance rehearsal for the school musical - would have gone to bed earlier last night? (But she had a sleep-in on Saturday morning, so didn't feel the need to go to bed...)

Wouldn't you think... that I would have gone to bed earlier myself, given I was so tired from bike riding, and given I had to get up to get daughter #1 in to the netball carnival...

Wouldn't you think ... that when daughter looked dead on her feet after her big day that we wouldn't have to harass her to bed tonight!

Apparently, currently, once she's in bed, no matter what the time, nor how tired she is, she has an urge to finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird... for which I suppose I shouldn't complain... and, hey, I studied that in high school waaaaaay back in the 1970s!!!....


Wouldn't you think the term "Hypocrite!" might spring to mind here?... (and here....)



But the thing that quite possibly has me most perplexed this week:

Wouldn't you think ... that with our very small netball association, during the first junior (10-12 yr olds) netball team training session for the season, held this week.. (where Cait is coaching a team, and we've let the parents know that her mother - me- will be there as 'manager').. that at least one parent out of the other 8 kids in the team would have come over to say 'G'day'.????????

Nup. They all dropped and ran. And picked up and ran. Not one came over to even check out the coach, or say hello to either her or the mother supervising... Not. One.


Ungrateful sods those bloody parents - maybe they were just happy for the baby sitter?

I only read Mockingbird last year and totally loved it. Great film too but enjoyed the book better.
You would, really!

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