Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's the experience that counts.

This might be a Mothers Day post, but for the record, I'm a Mother's Day rebel. I just can't get into the whole 'gimme gimme presents' thing for a commercially driven day. So there'll be no "I got this" or "I got that" around here.

Why? I don't know, really. I struggle to conform to quite a few of the usual social celebratory conventions. Marc and I tend to buy ourselves 'stuff' when we want (or need) - and so I consider that I am really quite spoilt enough throughout the year.

I am also not into much that is typical of the usual Mother's Day fare. Cut flowers. (Don't ask me to spell chrysanthe-thingy-mums, but especially not those.) Perfume. Fluffy slippers. Smelly bath stuff. Blah. Call me weird, but I'm not into any of it. No, I am not a typical woman. I've trained the kids not to buy me stuff from the school mothers day stalls, because none of it is "me". And I don't want them to waste money on cheap crap that I don't like.

I've never found the idea of breakfast in bed appealing either. What's with that idea anyway? Sitting up in bed trying to eat without spilling food on the sheets is not my idea of a comfortable meal.

I suppose I'd rather any tokens of appreciation from my children be more spontaneous, and not dictated to happen on one day in a year. So I cut off my nose to spite my face and say 'I'm just not into Mothers Day'.

(That said, the only piece of jewellery that I wear is the 'mum' pendant they secretly got me for mothers day a couple of years ago. I think it is more special to me because it is a one-off, and not the sort of thing I expect to get every mothers day.)

But still... when it transpired that the Daddy was going to Brisbane to participate in some mad 8 hour adventure race today I was slightly, and ever so hypocritically miffed. At one point earlier in the week I did consider the option of us all going up there with him - but laziness, sanity, and the whole concept of not having to get up early on Mothers Day, prevailed. Hypocrisy? Yes. I do it well. (And I didn't waste the opportunity to milk it for all it's worth?)

I knew however that I would not be a happy mummy if we just did our normal Sloth thing on a weekend day that (rarely) wasn't going to involve racing out to some prearranged sporting event. So I booked a table for four at a fancyish cafe overlooking the beach at the next village down from us, and decided that My Girls and I would walk there and back down the beach, and we would Do Brunch.

So we did. With a 10.30 booking, it turned out to be a rather late breakfast - and because we were full as googs after that, we didn't need lunch, and so late afternoon the energy levels took a dive because we only ended up having two meals in the day! Not so sensible, and not such a productive day in the long run.

But it felt great to be able to walk there. And what a walk!

Photos, please.
(#1 now fancies herself as the family photographer, so unfortunately none of her... a shame because she is as photogenic as her sisters.)

"Don't take it into the sun! ... " "Shut up, Mum, I'm being artistic."

Banana smoothie! Nom, nom, nom!

And I had time to soak up the gift that is our three girls, along with just how lucky we are to live where we do.

I am one lucky mum.

You truly are, Trace.

I think the best thing about Mother's Day IS the sharing time with your family, so I think you did wonderfully well.
what a wonderful day! and you really live in a gorgeous place. Mappy Mom's Day to you!
make that "Happy"
A. is certainly getting tall.

Sounds a lovely day. It rained here.

C. love the photos.
Well I buy myself slippers since I usually need some new ones once a year. I give them to son and tell him to give them to me. I find some useless present someone has given me such as candles and send them to the school Mothers' Day Stall these days since I object to paying for a present to send to school then forking out five dollars for him to buy something at the same stall. I tell him to try for fluffy socks as I love them in Winter. He generally comes home with "those" flowers which I am quite happy with as I have no money to spend at the nursery improving my garden. (The money I did spend on roses last September was well spent as they are flourishing and I love the scent as I walk in the front door.)

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