Sunday, May 04, 2008


Thou shalt not lose weight by exercise alone.

Translation: You are what you eat, dummy. Watch the calories. And stop stuffing your face with cake and chocolate and icecreams and easy meals like meat pies!

Call me crazy, but I really, really thought I could get away with losing a few kilos without depriving myself of my comfort food IF I did a lot of exercise.

Well, duh, woman. That's not how it works. Not for most of us "blessed" with a certain metabolism anyway.

Having just watched The Biggest Loser (Aust) where they lose all that weight by training nearly full time, and totally changing their diet - it should be obvious, even if I didn't know it all already - that you actually have to watch what you put in your mouth as well! You know, both those girls in the final now weigh less than me! - though I must confess that I now think that at the finale, sweet mum of three, Alison (at 10 yrs younger than me), now looks gaunt in the face, and older than me! (She looked better about 10 kilos ago IMHO!! Plus! Size 10 dress?! I hate you!!)

My husband couldn't believe I'd "stooped" to watching a reality show, but despite the stupid parts about it, with the eliminations, and stupid competitions and all that crap, I couldn't help watching because I am inspired by the changes people can make to their lives. Given I have a lot of the stuff they do covered - oh how I would have loved to do that Hawaii challenge! - how easy should it be for me to lose just a few kgs over a longer time frame?... Seriously?!

Well, I must be some kind of stupid to think that I could lose weight without making some changes on the energy intake. Even if I only want to lose 5-10 kilos, as opposed to 50!

Meanwhile, though, the husband has been just casually ditching the kilos. (And looking trimmer, tauter and more terrific I might add.) Not fair! I cried as he hopped off the scales last night. (If this trend keeps going he will be down to my weight!)

"Well, I have changed my diet a bit." he said. "I haven't been ordering chips with lunch at work anymore"

"A bit?!! Well, I've cut right down on the beers and wine!" (I have a quite few nights a week now without any, yet he'll still have a couple every night..)

"But you and chocolate? And cake?..." he reminded me.

Grrrr. Just because he doesn't NEED comfort food. Does he ever feel down and reach for chocolate? No!! Sweet tooth? He hasn't got one. (And is he at home all day staring at the cake one of the kids made?! - Who said Temptation in TBL is unrealistic?! only in the real world, the "prize" is getting through the next hour. )

But, oh wait.. he's stopped drinking full strength beer now too! Well, I stopped drinking full strength beer ages ago, and it didn't make a single bit of difference to anything but my head.

To be fair, yes, he's been doing more exercise too (he's got up the last few Wednesdays, gone into town and ridden 50 odd kms in a road training cycling group.) But a 'few less' beers and chippies, and the kilos just evaporate from him. (Osmosis - they are probably transferring over to me!) I've also been doing more exercise than ever before, and I cut down big time on the alcohol, and... no change. If anything I've gone up a bit.

This has been my last few days:

Wednesday- a 50 minute walk.

Thursday - 54 km bike ride - on my own bike - probably 25km of it riding at a pretty steady pace by myself, the rest admittedly a more social ride)

Friday - 1 hour swim squad. (Maybe 2km of swimming, and some sprints in which I got heart rate up to 180...)

Saturday morning - 67km bike ride - on the tandem - average speed 31kph!

Saturday afternoon - (after racing out with kids to netball) - 3.7km paddle in kayak race, not slacking. (33 minutes).

(Plus last weekend a 20km bike ride one day and a 75km one the other!!)

Reasonably impressive exercise diary, no?

Do I want to detail a food diary here though? No.
Should I? Maybe.
But do I want to confess what I shovel into my mouth after intense bouts of exercise where my body is screaming - "Energy! Sugar! Carbs! NOW!" ? Never mind the snacks the other times.


Perhaps I should. It might make me more accountable.


well, your exercise regimen looks really...herm...ambitious (?), maybe...intense, perhaps. I mean, you get alot of it, in my eyes. I keep trying to figure out how to lose weight without exercising (much)and without having to regulate what I eat. so far it hasn't worked, but stranger things have happened, so who knows.
So THAT is what I have been doing wrong!!

Well, that and the not exercising...

V has midnight snacks of all sorts of goodies - but then, they evaporate with his physical job, I suppose...

However, I have fattened him up by about 5kg since I met him.

Sadly, I have fattened myself up by that amount and more so we could see-saw quite effectively.
Just remember muscle weighs more than fat.

..I have to keep reminding myself of that...*grin*
Damn woman that's quite an exercise regime and there I was blogging yesterday about how I can't get started, Now I feel guilty as hell...LOL

It's sods law that men lose weight easier and we have to eat alot less! I am on WW and hoping to find the motivation to exercise soon. I watched the BL over here and I don't think anyone with a real life can exercise that much!
Guess you can hope, Rootie! Seeing I know people that just, say, stop eating cake, and then lose 10 kilos. Pffft.
Yep, Jeanie. Who knew! I guess it just means you make yummy food!
E, I keep telling myself that, but sadly I keep seeing pics of me with my jelly belly which looks very unmuscular!
Hi Sarah! It's very hard to get motivated to exercise unless you're totally addicted to it. Even though I get the endorphin hit afterwards, I can still fall into a trough of doing nothing for days (then I hate myself, and.. you know the vicious cycle you get into.) There needs to be some sort of really great IMMEDIATE reinforcement to get you hooked, but the reward you most want to see (like dropping a few kilos) is often so long coming, so then the motivation thing doesn't get going, and you're back to square one.
Anyway, don't get guilty, get inspired (then I'll be inspired that I've inspired someone!) and seize the day and go out and do some exercise now, not soon! Even if it doesn't take the kilos off in a hurry it has to be doing your heart good!
[Can you tell I'm writing this on an exercise endorphin high and feeling of well being?]

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