Monday, June 30, 2008


A milestone.

Or whatever you call it when you're measuring height. Daughter #1 is now taller than me. Scary stuff, eh!

Guess it was inevitable, with her Dad being around 6 ft 1.

She thinks it's great.

Why is that?!!!
Stephen loved it when he could stand beside his dad and look down at the top of his head. LOL

I thought you were looking a bit "shorted" in that beach photo from Mother's Day.
shorter the word is shorter
You know, that's a difference between having daughters and sons. At least with boys you generally want them to be taller... (and with a dad of 6'4", I have to admit, that's likely...)
"Shorted"?!! LOL. Sounds like being pants'd. Dakked. You know. But anyway.. I'm not shorter! They're taller!

PM, mums of boys must still find it a bit confronting when their babies end up looking them in the eye - and down at the top of their heads!?!!! Don't they?!!!!
Oh wow.

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