Thursday, July 03, 2008


The dog is called Max.

As I mentioned in my last post, we are going visiting - and one of our ports of call is at a friend's farm out the back of Parkes. Needless to say, despite living in 'regional NSW', we are still suburbia slickers (inbetweens, we are, we don't rate as city slickers ...) so directions sent by the friend, who will be at work till 5pm, quite tickled me...

(I've edited out specific roads and towns for the sake of anonymity.)

At [town] ... turn right at the pub .... Go around the clock in the road, travel about 2km north towards [bigger town] .... then turn right into ..... xxx Rd (just before a railway crossing), go about 4.94km, watch out for the culverts, turn right up a dirt lane as the tar bends left after a longish straight. There is a rusty 44 gallon drum mailbox. A km of dirt and you will be at the front gate, it will be locked, key hangs on the 2nd steel post to the right. Wander through the trees and you will be here. Make yourselves at home, door is open. The dog is called Max.

I'm looking forward to meeting Max, and getting an all too brief (this time) experience of life in 'the bush', as well as catching up with our human friends.

Human friends? Too true, I must remember to water them more often.
Hahaha! We do directions like that: "turn off the paved road onto the dirt road, turn left at the tipped over tractor, mind the hounddogs under the porch."

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