Monday, December 08, 2008



My right eye is twitching. I wonder what that means. Probably proof that I am losing control completely.

It's barely two weeks till Christmas, and I still haven't bought a thing. Actually, that's not true - I've ordered a ham and left a $10 deposit on it. That's all. I don't feel like buying anything - wasting money on stuff that I *think* they will like, but will not end up being used. ("Oh, but it's fun to open all those presents!") So I know I must. I would be a bad mother if I didn't. Then again, I am totally sucking at being a parent right now, so I could go totally all out and stuff it right up. (Then again, the younger two seem to still love me, so it would be rather insane to jeopardise that. Nervous breakdown on hold?)

No, I can't really talk about it here. This blog is neither secret, or blocked (unlike my daughters' MySpace), nor anonymous, and at some point, when they are teenagers, it is no longer appropriate to turn their antics and attitudes into blog fodder, much as I need to dump.

I am doing a pretty good job of saying and doing the wrong thing though, is all.

Moving along...

I finished up the TAFE course last week. I did get some good feedback on my writing portfolio from the Language teacher: "Your writing is of an excellent standard. It is very "polished", highly readable and most enjoyable. .. An approach to a publish would be in order..."

That kept me going for a day, until I fell into self doubt again. One piece of writing she particularly liked was a piece I wrote about our cross country ski weekend. Then Marc made a comment about how not everyone had the necessary experience to ski off the groomed trails like we did. It left me feeling that it could be irresponsible to write about the stuff we like to do... because with a lot of what we do, you need some experience and ability. In our case it is mostly Marc's. Experience, ability, and confidence.

I have been looking at this online course . Is it worth the $395?

I don't trust my judgement in anything anymore.

lol - my word verfication is "bummid" - a bit of how Trace is feeling?

If it makes you feel any better, I haven't put $10 down on a ham, so you are THAT far ahead of me!!

And can I give you another spin on Marc's comment "how not everyone had the necessary experience to ski off the groomed trails like we did" - wouldn't that make your stories all the more fascinating for us, then, as it may be the ONLY WAY we ever have of experiencing it?

I mean, you have me experiencing the teenage horror without (a) a teenager here or (b) having a clue what on earth you are talking about.

For all those who don't there are lots who do...(re marc's comment) so just brush it aside and continue on. Also keep in mind that I don't do anything much sports wise but I do enjoy reading your writeups on what you and the family get up to.

I'd bask in the teacher's remarks. She sees a lot so can make a fair comparison.

I'd research the course as carefully as possible before spending the money. I have a very untrusting attitude towards online courses that haven't been vetted by someone who knows.

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