Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Sheesh, I am so easily distracted. I find it hard to focus on the list of things I need to do - and totally crap at prioritising what to do when. So the usual result is not to achieve much at all.

These school holidays I have resented time out of the house, because I can't get done what I need to get done. Yet when I'm home, I'm struggling to achieve what I need to do.

I've been complaining (silently- up there in my head) for days that my grand scheme of putting aside all these things to do 'in the holidays' was a dumb one, because the kids, basically, distract me. (How dare they?!! Rattling around, just BEING there!)

I can't get to the computer when I want to, because one of them will inevitably be on it. I might ask them to move - after all, it is MY computer - but then I am distracted by their grumblings, and fighting over whose turn it is on the kids' computer, yadda, yadda, yadda. I am distracted, in fact, by their mere presence. The other computer is right next to this one, and most of the time there will be one of them tapping away furiously at the keyboard. *taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap* slouched so far down in the chair, I've begun asking if they'd prefer a bed to the ergonomically sound office chair they'd been bought. The fact that they will be, to me, wasting their time on some site like Habbo (which seems to chew up the RAM and make the computer go sloooooooow forever after until a reboot is necessary) or Barbie, or Myspace, along with sixty squillion Messenger chat screens on the go at once, tends to make me irritated.

If I kick them off the computer, they'll turn the TV on.. which distracts me some more. Or (in the case of the youngest only) they will sprawl around reading - a worthy pastime of course, but what about the obesity epidemic, and the fact that there is something inherently wrong with kids who don't just get outside and, I don't know... move around?! They live 150 m from a beach for heaven's sakes!

So today, some fairy godmother or other must have noticed my plight, and, like magic, all three had a call inviting them, spontaneously, to hang with friends. One by one they've vanished. Just like that. *poof*

Woo hoo!

And here I am alone at last! And prowling restlessly, not sure of which project or chore to sink my teeth into. Because whichever one I do, I will be thinking that another really would have been a better choice, a higher priority.

Netball website stuff. BUG website stuff. Teach myself more about website stuff. Science experiment and report for TAFE. Writing pieces for TAFE Language portfolio. Some crazy 'observation' for TAFE "Communication Skills" - "Observe an interaction you have observed between two or more people. Analyse the interaction by explaining what you observed; what interpersonal communication cues you identified and how appropriate they were for he situation." Sheesh, what interaction am I going to 'observe' that I am not involved in?

But the floor is overdue for a vacuum, bathroom needs cleaning BADLY, the freezer needs a defrost (how is that so, I thought it was a frost free frigging fridge?!) the freezer in the fridge in the shed needs defrosting...

... and so on, and so on....

[And noting that none of the above will earn me any money!]

I've booked the maxi taxi for our Melbourne weekend. Does that count?



Gee, you think your three lab rats would be up to you observing their interaction for TAFE rather than just for pleasure?

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