Friday, October 06, 2006


Baking disasters...

It's been a while since I've had something THIS bad happen. (In cooking terms, that is...)

Cait decided to make a cake. Unusually I had a packet mix in the cupboard (I normally prefer to make my cakes from scratch, but I'd bought this orange poppyseed one after a teammate made it for tennis one week.)

What went wrong? (Apart from it being a packet mix!) My theory is that it was because I 'helped' her and used melted lite margarine when I tried to do the 'right' thing by greasing and flouring the tin [Instead of using spray. I am normally a butter user, all the way (stuff the health issues) for the taste.] And it stuck, stuck, stuck to the pan. Big time.


Still tastes ok.. It's the frosting that really makes it taste good... so that's going to be an interesting exercise!


I made a carrot cake from a mix midweek. Used my old bundt pan and sprayed it with PAM. First time I've used a spay with a cake mix and it worked well. I had been afraid of a greasy taste as I really coated the pan not knowing how well it would work.

Slipped out like a dream and not greasy taste.

The bundt shape was easy to frost and I'll be doing it again.

I've started using parchment paper when I cook now and find that I am using less oils and nothing sticks.
I'm with E, baking paper all the way.

But you're right, it still tastes the same. If the asme had happened to me, I'd consider making trifle or something where it all gets mashed up anyway.

Adam's making muffins with Keira later - I shall have to document their endeavours!
I think I'll stick to the spray.. even though it's supposedly not good for teflon coated pans.

I should just stick to my good old bundt-type tin (also referred to as a 'baba tin' - and my old faithful quick-mix recipes... chuck all the ingredients into a bowl and mix. Who needs all the extra added stuff in a packet mix?

I've never made trifle, and never been a fan of it anyway... We've smeared the frosting over it, and it all still tastes ok... just a lot more crumbs all over the bloody floor.

Caitlin has just decided to make chocolate muffins. More kitchen mess.. just what I need.
I could do with a chocolate muffin right about now. The blahs have hit. I'm feeling cranky.
Wonder if it has anything to do with this being the Cdn Thanksgiving weekend and my youngest sister wondering if I was doing the turkey and trimmings and inviting and no.

Lets hope the mood improved before Christmas. LOL
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