Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This is why I need a kick up the backside...

Being the slacko that I am (all very interesting and doing meaningful things with the family... that's me... )... I'm not the sort of person who gets stressed about unpacking all the shopping on the same day that I bring it home. Why do today what you leave till tomorrow... that's my motto.

Yesterday I picked up a few things at the supermarket. Two green bags.. not a big shop. Unpacked the cold stuff out of one.. plus the OJ I'd kept loose.

Today, while doing my kitchen blitz, I tackle the other bag. Oh BUM. Package of yoghurt tubs. Not inexpensive. Like maybe even $5 worth. Still there. Overnight. Half of today. Yeah, it's the supermarket checkout person's fault for NOT PUTTING ALL THE COLD THINGS TOGETHER IN THE ONE BAG. Of course.

If Marc reads this, he will kick my backside for me. (If I try to do it myself, I will look like a dork and fall over and probably smash my head against the furniture.) The garbage truck hadn't been yet.. so I cringed and dumped it out the front in the bin. Along with a tray of frozen pork chops I did the same thing with.. oh... about a year ago, and froze, thinking I'd feed _them_ to the dog, only I left it so long, and now we have no dog.

A couple of weeks ago I ruined this really nice glass pot stand that Mum gave me (with pretty native flowers on it)... because I put it on one of the hot plates when it was off, and of course, put the wrong hot plate on, and melted the backing onto the hotplate (= one ruined hot plate).. and now the glass plate has a melted through coil pattern on it.) And Marc has said to me again and again "STOP PUTTING ANYTHING OTHER THAN SAUCEPANS ON THE HOTPLATES - YOU KNOW YOU END UP MELTING PLASTIC OR RUINING THINGS". But I still did.

I DO need to change. At least SOME things about me. I can humour myself all I like about being different, and interesting, and even slightly crazy... and go all "Ah HAH!" when I see or read things about kids getting more sick because of houses being too clean and them not getting the antibodies they should be getting.. and so of course that is why my kids don't have asthma, and probably get a below average number of stomach bugs (now that I have put that in print, never mind thought it, someone will throw up in the next week now, whether or not I "touch wood") because my house is 'CLEAN ENOUGH TO BE HEALTHY AND DIRTY ENOUGH TO BE HAPPY' ...

*gasps for breath....*

But the reality is that my house is a pigsty, and I waste money and ruin things. And I need to make some changes.

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