Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Baby steps... baby steps...

There are so many things I need to change with myself, that I get bogged down in it all.. wallow around, and don't change at all. (One day I tried to compile a mental list of things I liked about myself and what I do/how I do things, and I struggled to come up with much at all..)

Every now and then a friend makes a reference to FlyLady. I've checked her out before, and decided it's a bit too full on for me. I could never be that organised... and I'd never manage to get past her first step of polishing the sink!!

But as my friend pointed out yesterday, she just takes the bits that suit her. And I thought What a good idea! I was browsing the Flylady website, and one thing hit home. She said, get dressed and PUT YOUR SHOES ON in the morning.. ready for action. As I was reading it, I realised that I was indeed committing the 'inaction' error she was talking about. I had my slippers on.. so that meant I was putting off hanging out clothes, putting the garbage and recycling out, etc.

I resolved that that was one FlyLady strategy I could adapt. Easy. This morning I put my joggers on straight away, and I did indeed feel more ready for action. I got the garbage out, and, actually, I've taken the car to the mechanics for a service, and done a 45 min walk back down the beach home again. (And I got sand in my shoes, so I've taken them off, and I worked up an appetite, so I've been sitting here with coffee, eating snacks, and reading blogs ever since, but anyway... I'm about to get moving again...)

And it ticks two things off my SHOULD DO list for today. For ANY day. Exercise. And I got up and put my shoes on.

Now.. the question is.. do I read up more on Flylady... or get up, hang the washing out, cut up some green waste for the green waste bin... (which I might have just missed, I can hear a truck..)... clean up the kitchen (and the sink)... do the ironing, vacuum the floor, and walk back up to get the car sometime this arvo.?
*grins* Proud of you T!
I read the Fly Lady too, that's the sort of thing I do all the time, read about it. Then I spent half an hour on a paper chase looking for something that I read last week. The people who have really organised lives don't read much, or write, they are too busy tidying, baking cakes and generally being the sort of person my mother-in-law would have prefered for a daughter-in-law. How many books do you see in their houses?
You are busy writing, computing, giving your family lots of meaningful experiences. A few days of your journal tells me that, there's no need to change. That is unless you want to stop being the person you are and morph into someone 'better' ie tidier and more boring.
My more organised daughter will tell you that I am in denial about this topic.
*grins*... Yes, Libby, I even have (or had.. think it broke) a fridge magnet which said 'Dull Women have immaculate houses'. And 'My other house is cleaner'.. and 'This house was clean yesterday; sorry you missed it.'

You are right. Of course I don't want to be more boring!!! But I'd just like to be a bit more in control, so that I can achieve more. ie. if I spent less time procrastinating... and tearing my hear out, I would have time in my life for a slightly more in control house, and even more meaningful experiences! And not feel guilty about reading books!!! And doing STUFF! on the computer.

I have been reasonably productive since I did that post. (Green waste out in time, and I even pruned a bush that was scraping against the car).. washing out. Dishwasher emptied. Bike clothing from the weekend washed, and I discover (post-washing) that Caitlin hadn't put hers out in the wash.. guess which mother is going to do a bit of a rant this afternoon?

Might read a bit more FlyLady and find another 'doable' thing, like the shoes! Pick and choose. Good thinking M-M.

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