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Not what you think. I mainly use that term to describe what I do to myself on a daily basis. Regarding what I shouldn't eat. And what I shouldn't drink. And why I stuff it up. Ah, and I was doing well today. I stopped myself buying chocolates or coke in the supermarket - and ate a nectarine instead. Hi fives to me. Feeling very virtuous. You can do this, Tracey, you can do this. Then I got home from the shops and had 'just one' biscuit (cookie) with a coffee. I had bought a pack of these 'homemade' style ones from the bakery section of Woollies. For the kids. Because they nag about not having nice stuff for afternoon tea. It had bits of Mars Bars in them. Mmmm. Then I had another one. And then I felt ick. And tonight I've had more. And I sabotage myself along those lines all the time. Idiot!

Somehow, today, the term sabotage seemed apt for something I felt like doing to a place I passed a few times. I am a bit bitter and twisted little puppy about an experience I had [*more than a year ago now] and I wish I had had the guts to be proactive about it at the time! Yeah, yeah, so this is another woe is me Tracey moment. (In perspective of course... but sometimes it's the little things.) So.. how would you feel about a salon where the owner, when doing an eyebrow wax, took half your eyebrow off and didn't tell you. And you didn't realise till spotting yourself in the mirror that night around bedtime! When I say half, I mean laterally... ie. my left eyebrow finished about in the middle of where it should have. And after that appointment I'd wandered happily around the shops and probably taken the girls to some activity.. and THERE I WAS WITH HALF AN EYEBROW.

Now, get this. When I rang the next morning, she said she knew! She knew and didn't tell me! All she could offer me was for me to come in (yeah right, another 25km trip to town - and it was then the weekend) and she could draw it in with eyebrow pencil. I didn't go back, ever. But I did have to suppress the urge to go in during the next week and stand outside their door making a scene to warn off potential customers. If she lost even one customer then that might be appropriate retribution.

I guess that's the sort of thing that might upset anybody... but I was particularly cheesed because I felt that she didn't really care because I am not at all 'glam'. Maybe that is just my paranoia, but I'm a bit of a fish out of water in a beauty salon. I had only started getting my eyebrows done fairly recently.. believe it or not. Bit of a dag's midlife crisis to start doing that after turning 40. (I was a bit miffed that Marc never noticed that I had started getting it done! - but I suppose you do that sort of stuff for yourself more than anything.)

I may have been able to move on and get over it, except that, since then, I've seen in the local paper that this particular salon has won awards! It's in a part of town I don't go to that often, but today I happened to walk past it several times, and they have advertising out the front proclaiming proudly about all the awards they have won. And it still makes me grind my teeth and mutter to myself.

And, while the idea of a rock through the window holds some merit, what I'd really really like to do is sabotage the business. Stand out the front and hand out pamphlets or something.

Pity I'm so gutless! I'd be scared of getting arrested!

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Go when you have a chance and force her to make it right. She will make offers and you must keep saying, "That is not acceptable" until she says something that makes you think, "Oh yeah, I'd give half an eyebrow for that!!" Certainly, she did not CHARGE YOU??? A refund is just a very small beginning of she did!

Good luck! They do grow back.
This happened more than a year ago now! Yes I should have gone back.. it was just going to cost me more in petrol (gas to you!) and effort to get back there than it was worth.

And, yes, it did grow back. I just now no longer get my eyebrows done.. nor get my legs waxed in a salon (I do a home job on my legs..) I don't know if I could trust anyone with my eyebrows again! - and I figure I'm saving money on the legs - and keeping my money away from the 'beauty' industry.

It's just one of those experiences that leave you a bit bitter, and wishing you could exact some sort of karma.

I should have had the assertiveness to go back and do the 'That is not acceptable' line. That's a very good line. I wish I was good at doing that. I tend to get very emotional (and I think I would have, standing there with half an eyebrow!) I am going to stow that one away for a mantra though, because I am sure it will come in handy one day.
Trace, as a therapist I'm appalled that the girl could do such a thing to you and then doubly insult you by offering such a weak attempt of compensating you after admitting that she knew what she'd done.

We're not all like that I promise.

Your best revenge would be to tell people of your negative experience and her poor service every chance you get. You have the power, people take notice of stories about bad service and act on personal recommendations more than anything else.

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