Friday, January 19, 2007


Action stations...

Shifting up a gear or two for the weekend. Up (insanely) early tomorrow morning to go on the Community Bike Ride. Home. Then we are going to nonchalantly pack the tent, sleeping gear.. meh.. maybe a bit of food.. and head off as if it's the sort of thing we do all the time. It's the sort of thing we've been planning on doing.. working up to doing.. and now that we're going to do it.. I'm vacillating between stress, and, well.. nonchalance.

We're going to camp at a State Forest campsite we've read about in various guides. Then go check out the hill that is causing such angst and decide what our strategy is going to be with the Big Ride people. It might turn out that we think it was a stupid idea to ride it in the first place.

And then head to the coast, and take a 4WD detour up a particular bit of coast. Check out another camping area Marc has heard about. And home.

We perhaps should be riding bikes on Sunday as well. (Training!) Oh well... there's another weekend after this one, and amazingly enough He won't be away. AND it's a long weekend (thankyou Australia Day for falling on a Friday) so we're cooking up an overnight bike trip, just for something different.

Right now I should be heading for bed. Mr Good At Diffusing My Wrath* is out getting the bikes ready for the morning. (*I was unimpressed at him getting home from work at 9.30... when we had all this roof racks to put on, bikes to get ready - him to eat dinner... but he's managed to diffuse it with a well timed thank you for putting one rack on... *shakes head...* )

Sleep! I have to be up again in 6 hours. Must be crazy. See you Sunday!

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Well it certainly sounds like you are going to get your fair share of exercise this weekend. Have fun.

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