Friday, January 12, 2007


A dedication.

To my two net friends who have just recently started going to the gym in a bid to lose some weight and get fitter.(The two Elizabeths! - in different continents too I might add...and I don't think they will be offended if I add that they are more mature aged than me, so I think what they are doing is terrific!)

I've seen this quite a bit - on other blogs, and, courtesy of having children who record video hits, on the telly - so apologies to those who are probably quite bored with it by now.

I'm just posting it as inspiration. To give Libby and E. something to aim for with the gym, and use of all that equipment!!

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I don't think I could ever get sick of this clip. I've heard it took them 20 takes to get it right. Best Wishes to the Elizabeths, you guys are one up on me!
Hey I already own red pants!, just give me another week or three.
Hey I did something wrong and became an anonymous. Somedays it would be a good idea to be totally unknown but not today.

It was me, it was me.
Cool, son and I loved it. The thing I have found with youtube (and I've not actually gone to the site to look through the clips yet) is that most of them work, really work. Only the one with the guy asking for hugs didn't work for me.

The thing I get annoyed with on the net is going to look at trailers for movies and such and they keep stopping and starting which drives me mad. So I think I'm going to like youtube.

I didn't think I had any use for it until the other day when my boyfriend and I were looking up the Boston Legal site and he mentioned he would like to see William Shatner sing, so we did a search and ended up getting a link to youtube. It was some sort of evening tribute thing to George Lucas so the fact that William Shatner is Star Trek not Star Wars made it really funny.

I must find the time to investigate youtube further.

Oh and shishyboo, 20 takes doesn't seem that much really, that's pretty good work!
Sorry Pixie, if you misinterpreted my comment as being critical.
I didn't say whether I thought it a good or bad thing, I was only sharing that bit of info that I found interesting.
I think what they (OK GO) have done is really cool and I freely admit I would not be capable of doing anything like it.

Anyway, best wishes again to the Elizabeths and good on Tracey for being such a supportive friend.
And best wishes for achieving your own goals Trace!
Good fun... I think I'd have been upside down on the floor after thirty seconds. I'd like to see their take on an exercise bike!
Thanks for the good wishes guys. My pants are a decided green, probably yesterdays colour next year,if I last so long.
One with red pants, one with green - I can live with that!

In the clip there is one bit where the red pants guy (I think) loses his balance a bit. It must have been hysterical trying to first choreograph it, then get through it perfectly without stuffing up. I'd love to see the outtakes.

Pixie, watching videos on your 'puter is limited by your broadband/cable speed. The higher 'quality'/resolution etc they are, the more data has to come down the line. Here our adsl is variable to say the least, sometimes we can watch stuff and it downloads and buffers seamlessly, other times you have to hit the pause button, let it buffer more, then play.

If Elizabeth is managing to watch them ok on dial up, then Canadian dial up must be super compared to ours! Then, I've heard that Australian broadband speeds are woeful compared to other countries, so our dial up is no doubt equally crap in comparison.
My isp's claim...

with speeds of up to 30Mbps download and up to 2Mbps upload

...with an asterisk that leads you to this at the bottom of the page...

Speeds vary depending on a number of circumstances including network traffic, customer hardware, equipment and operating systems, download site traffic, download site bandwidth and size of file being downloaded.

Think they have themselves covered? *snorts* I sure didn't notice any super improvement in speed when I changed from "cable broadband" to "premium + broadband".

That's cool, shishyboo! :)
When I want to see a video on the computer I go off and do a dozen or more chores while I wait for it to download. It is really really annoying so when possible I have Stephen download things when he is using a computer with a fast connection and he brings it home to me on his little thumb/thingie whatsit.

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