Monday, January 15, 2007



Photo time. Daughter's actually - she's taken to wandering around, camera in hand, trying to be artistic. She's pretty happy with this one. I'm pretty happy that we are in the digital photography era - expense wise!

For those not familiar with Australian native plants, it's a grevillea. The link is to a 1600x1200 pixel size, for the benefit of a particular friend who sometimes likes Aussie photos as wallpaper!!


Darn. I must be doing something wrong because it saved the same size as the shot on the screen.

Lovely shot. I want it!! *grin*
Did you link to it first, then save it?.. I tried that and it worked ok for me.
Well of course I didn't!

I figured there must be a trick after reading your reply until I remembered I had a "right" click button that does magical things.

ta worked. I am so good. *shameless need for recognition*

A wonderful addition to my desktop collection. Thank the photographer from me.

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