Tuesday, January 16, 2007


And, oh no! - she's tripped at the first hurdle!

The Ponstan isn't working as well as I'd like. I'm crampy, and sooking. No walk. Yet. Running out of day - have to pick #2 up from surf 'camp' (a week long 9-3 learn to surf holiday program which she's having a ball at).. in an hour. Buy something for dinner that can be prepared before going to 'hang' at Twilight netball for nearly 2 hours because #1 plays and I am obligated, as a committee member, to be there.

She's a barrel of laughs and enthusiasm today...

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keep at it...even if the first hurdle "tripped you up" keep at it. You can do it.
What's "sooking"?
I hav told myself that I am going to a walking group tonight. WEll it snowed last night - of course! I am fighting the temptation to make that my excuse for not going.
Sooking is a bit of a cross between sulking and moping. Depends on the context...
I did link to a dictionary definition in a previous post ...
It kind of depends how you use it.

If you call someone a 'sook' (rhymes with book/look etc... but in an Aussie accent of course!).. you would mean they are being a bit of a timid crybaby. Usually to a kid who is carrying on about not wanting to do something "Don't be a sook!"

In other contexts (as I use to describe myself).. it's not so much the timidity, or crying.. it's more moping around. (Do you 'mope'?.. hope I'm not using more unintelligble foreign words here!) So, sitting here, making excuses for not doing what I should be doing, feeling sorry for myself.. that's 'having a sook', or 'sooking'.. (what the hell, make a verb out of it...!)

Being a 'sook' is not quite the same as being a 'wuss' (rhymes with puss(ycat))... Which is what I might cheekily call Strauss for not being brave enough to go out walking in the snow!
"...pick yourself up and start all over again", I think there is a tune that goes with that.

See me smile. Feel me pat you on the shoulder. Hear me say...that's ok T.

and I finish with a flourish...Tomorrow, tomorrow, you'll do it tomorrow, it's only a day away.

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