Monday, January 15, 2007


Report #1

Today I have spent too much time just writing about How to Achieve my Goal for 2007, but I am a bit pumped, so I am reporting back in.

I rang the Personal Trainer whose card I've had for a while, and I have decided to invest $240 in about 7 one-on-one sessions, and then most likely join a group of 3 class that would only cost $10 a time (probably once a week.)

Marc won't think it's value for money, but I do. I need the discipline of reporting in to someone, and if I achieve, by the end of the year, my goal weight of 10kg less, with a fitness programme to suit me, then I think it will be money well spent. (She will also cover nutrition and food choices so that's another area covered.)

I'm booked in for my first session next Monday (gives me some time to get over this chest infection), but already we've agreed that I will walk every day as a build up to it.

Already the commitment is helping me make more sensible food choices today, so I am optimistic.

Now for the rest of the stuff I should have been doing today!


Do whatever motivates you best. Some people prefer to do solitary workouts, I NEED a class.

I turned a deaf ear to my husband when expense was raised. This is about ME.

We had an ice storm overnight so I won't risk driving today. I did do about 10 minutes of stretching. It's not the same in my
I think anything that gets you really motivated is worth whatevr it costs. Before we moved I belonged to a gym and would go almost every day. Now, no gym and no workout. Too much else to do at home.
Not being a gym class sort of person I'm hoping that this will work for me. I haven't seen her set up yet, but this woman operates a studio out of her own place. She charges $30 a session, whether it be individual or shared. For her individual sessions she sells a '6-pack' of classes for $240 (with an extra thrown in, which makes it a 7 pack, but anyway).. You can use them either separately or as an adjunct to the group-of-3 sessions that are pay as you go - $10 each.

Of course, I might not like it.. but anyway.. it's worth a go. I'm desperate!
Yeah, you have to do whatever motivates you. Personally i detest teh gym. I get bored very easily. I need a buddy to go along with me and guilt me to stand firm on my committment.
I had another friend yesterday ask me if I was interested in doing something together in the interests of losing weight.. so I'm giving her the number of this personal trainer..(that reminds me - should ring her now). Hopefully we might be able to do a group class together .. either by finding one more person, or just paying $15.

I hope this thing will give me the best of both worlds. A one on one kickstart, and the 'class' (but with only 3 of us) to keep me going.

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