Thursday, January 11, 2007


Confessions of a bad mother..

Oh god, it's nits. And it's my fault it got this bad. She was scratching her head before christmas, and I have just felt too crap for the last few weeks to deal with it - to do the tedious conditioner comb through. This afternoon I have just spent a couple of hours on Zoe's hair, to the point that she was crying, and I was just about crying, and I know I will have to do another treatment tomorrow.. and then every few days to get rid of the bastards.

Notes on nits:

If you live in a cooler climate that doesn't support head lice, then think yourself bloody lucky. These days, around where I live, where it is virtually sub-tropical, they are all too common, and they, in fact, like clean hair, so although there still feels to be a stigma attached to them (believe me!), it does not mean you are dirty.

If your child is a boy (and has short hair as is most usual) think yourself bloody lucky.

If your girl child has thin hair (long or short) think yourself bloody lucky.

If your girl child has short hair, think yourself bloody sensible.

Saying for a couple of weeks "Stop bloody scratching your head" is not an adequate way of dealing with the bastards.

Just because it's Christmas .. New Year... holidays... doesn't mean the bastards won't lay eggs and multiply.

Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there. In fact, by the time you can see the bastards, her head is riddled with them. RIDDLED.

Drinking wine to 'get you through' the conditioner combing treatment could be dangerous. Two hours later, and I'm a candidate for Northern Girl and Rootie Toots NaDruBloDa or whatever it was (and I'm too heady to even work out how to link to it/them right now but I will when I'm sober, I promise.)

Getting drunk and depressed while dealing with the mother of all nit infestations can also cause extreme facetiousness when rung up at 7 pm by some call centre letting you know that your local exchange is now broadband enabled (when you have already been on broadband for two years and have already received numerous calls in this vein..)

Getting drunk and depressed while dealing with the mother of all nit infestations, while still recovering from 6 weeks of a bloody respiratory infection, can also cause you to cry when your husband and two elder children (just now) return from a late afternoon bodysurf and you see that he has dislocated his shoulder AGAIN.... It is back in - the girls helped him - but he will be sore and sorry and not totally able for a while, and oh F-U-C-K, I/we just do not need this right now. (Sorry, that was swearing, but I am drunk and disorderly - and distressed.)


OH NO! Poor you (and Zoe!) 2007 hasn't had the best start yet, has it? Too bad alcohol can't kill them, then you'd have even more a legitimate excuse for cracking open a coldie or five.

Big hugs, for what they're worth!
Oh noes!!! You poor things. *sobs* Does that mean the other girls have them too?
(Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow.. doing the other two, as well as Zoe again. Didn't have anything better to do.. huh...)
What a tedious chore! Not to mention the stigma. I'm borrowing the idea. My kids never had nits, being boys we shaved their heads every spring, but they did have Other, Equally Tiresome infestations.
Ick - sorry, but ICK! Nothing else comes to mind. However, you dealt with it exactly as I would have...with copious amounts of wine, some tears, and a full collapse.

And now I'm itching MY head.
I live in fear of my hair touching one of my students' hair. The thought of it freaks me out. I'm in mourning for you T.

Why won't it accept my word verification???
Sometimes it takes a couple of goes for blogspot comments to accept my word verification... maybe I just type too fast for it.. hah!

Pixie, it's a fact of life up here on the mid-north coast. If I was really smart I'd just do the conditioner comb through once a week or so, but it all fell apart over christmas.

Why me of all people had to have girls, who want to have bloody long hair, I don't know.
Comiserations, Trace
I am not looking forward to facing the inevitable nit crisis.
I might put a bottle of red aside to crack open when the time comes hehehe!

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