Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The Resolution *

* Conditions apply.

I am not making New Year Resolutions. Plural. Not even funny, clever ones! I'm not funny or clever enough. I could make none.. but I need a catalyst for change. After all, I've been whingeing about myself online for a good year or so now. (Only a few months here, but I was elsewhere before this.)

So.. I'm making just one. One resolution for this year. If I only make one, then I might have a hope in hell of achieving it, and if I achieve it, then there should be spin-off.. and all these other resolutions that I would be making if I was making a list (and make ad nauseum anyway) will be resolved without me even making them. Self-esteem and energy and fitness increased.. and the rest will follow. That's the plan.

My One Resolution:

To lose weight. 5 kg by mid year - to get below my nemesis 70kg mark. If I can do that, I'll aim for the next 5 by the end of the year. Pre-baby weight thereabouts..... but a weight I also achieved just before I got pregnant with #3.

No, I probably wouldn't qualify for The Biggest Loser.. but these extra 10kgs (20ish pounds) that I'm carting around are having a negative effect on my life. Yes, I am fitter than some.. many... and we do all this bike riding... but my size is such that my choice of cycling jerseys is limited because so many aren't made big enough for me! I cull most of the photos of me because I want to cry.

Theoretically it shouldn't be hard.. I'm already committed to a certain amount of exercise. But I need to do more, and I need to stop feeding myself all these kilojoules. That's the biggest challenge. And a big challenge when you are feeding a family of 3 kids who have no need to lose weight, you are a chocoholic, addicted to at least one alcoholic drink per night, and try to eat your way through any down feelings.

Despite rolled eyes and scoffing (by Himself), I am going to pay for a few private sessions with a local fitness trainer I've heard about (and then hopefully move to a cheaper, shared class.) I know from past experience that paying someone does make you more accountable (I saw a nutritionist that other time) and to date my willpower to do it by myself has been woeful. I hope I can do the food thing by myself... if I can get the exercise thing under control with some help.
Marc said he can be my personal trainer.. but it is not going to work if he frowns at me for having a beer when he has one in his hand!

* The fine print? I should have started already, right? It's already the 3rd January. I just can't face it when I'm coughing and blowing so much snot out of my nose, and with a sort of blocked ear. And with an itchy you-know-where... (TMI!!- soorrrry, but it's driving me up the wall, and yes I've treated it.)

Please, please, please... let me be BETTER so I can start this bloody Resolution. Singular.

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