Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Home Sweet Home

Home. With the cough that I left with.. maybe not as bad, but I've still got it. A dose of thrush from the course of antibiotics that didn't really work... blech. Cool, showery, very non-beachy weather, which is a bit of a disappointment when we were champing at the bit to get home to our house by the beach.

And to a visiting 'card' on the upstairs carpet from a visitor that turned out to be a blue tongue lizard... who had decided to somehow squeeze under a door and take up residence in the house. And who I met up with around 11.30 when I went to dash upstairs to close a window against the rain.

I learnt that blue tongue lizard poo stinks when you try to wipe it up! And that I'm glad I have a big brave husband to remove visiting wildlife from the house.

It's still home sweet home though. And we are having a very slothy day. Big sleep in. Cricket on the telly. Dropped Alison at a friend's place. No sense rushing the washing, as I'll have to gradually feed it through the dryer. Catching up on blogs. Will get any photos we took transferred over from Marc's computer, and gradually do a recap of anything worthwhile recapping from when we were away... recaps of the recreational moments we salvaged from the familial duties, and aborting our canyoning trip on the walk in because of Alison falling and putting a gash in her hand!

Perhaps at 2.15 pm I should nag Cait to get out of her PJs, go up and clean my teeth, and deal with the first load of washing!


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My sis is in Oz for a few months and my niece has a resident Gecko. They love it so much, they let it stay. I don't think it leaves them stinky poo though.

Sorry about the thrush and the gash but glad you all made it home safe.

Happy New Year to you!
Thanks fracas, and same to you!

Whereabouts is your sister? Must be north of me.. geckos tend to like it tropical. (And they stick to the walls!)

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