Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Dear Me

Just giving a bit of publicity to an interesting blog project. Karen at MiscMum has come up with the Dear Me Project . While today, in particular, I'm not in the brain space for coming up with something myself, it must be made for procrastinators like me, because she's keeping it open for an indefinite period. But don't let that stop you! Just because there's no closing date!! (I might come up with something, Karen, you never know...)
I have actually been meaning to introduce fracas to miscmum on the topic of anorexia - which miscmum has touched on in her own Dear Me post (but which I hadn't wanted to presume upon bringing up before.) Seems like the opportune time. fracas, meet miscmum. Miscmum.. this is fracas. Not that the Dear Me project is about that.
And now I must go and do much more boring stuff, like getting the garbage out, and taking the girls shopping for back to school stuff.



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